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for years, the great goddess Faust and her fellow divine beings known as "humans" are worshiped by nearly all sentient creatures in Equis. for they created the land, sea, and air in which the mortals thrive and live in.
at least, that's what they believe.....
drop a normal human in the middle of it and watch as ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, and changelings try and gain their "blessing" from an unwilling "god"

Chapters (13)

While studying the Tree of Harmony, Princess Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon and releases an ancient evil hidden deep beneath the tree itself. Luckily, she also releases the only one who can stop it... The Last Dragonborn, Skarin of Atmora, awakens in a new world born from the ashes of the old one and must, once and for all, defeat The World Eater Alduin. But first he must adapt to this new and strange world he finds himself in and gather as many allies as he can. Maybe even fall in love?

The title "Kulaas ahrk Dovah" is dragon for "Princess and Dragon", lack of grammar accuracy since dragons don't really care for proper sentence structure.

The story starts with the beginning of season 5, between episodes 2 and 3 and continues from there following canonical-ish episodes and new storylines.

Also, no herd for our Dragonborn.

Cover art belongs to audraria over on Tumblr!

Featured on May 6th 2019! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (11)
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