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News of the Cozy Glow debacle reaches Sunset Shimmer, who now worries about Cozy’s human counterpart. Is it wrong to suspect someone based on their parallel self’s sins? Snappy character vignette that gives equal POV time to Sunset and human Cozy trying to figure out just what the other’s deal is.

Teen rating for depictions of mental illness and Cozy’s casual use of crass language. Cover image made by me slapping some EG vectors on top of each other in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Chapters (4)

During a sleepover at Sunset's, Twilight can't sleep. It's too cold.

A simple holiday-themed fluff story. Rated T for alcohol consumption.

Edited by leeroy_glBZ .

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It's Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi's first date, and they want to spend it somewhere special. So, they go to the Canterlot deli and bar for their first date. But when she sees their waiter give Sunset a Whiskey Bon-Bon, she snatches it away and says she'll eat it herself, since she knows what happens when Sunset gets drunk. Their first date turns into one silly adventure for a confused Sunset Shimmer and a very drunk Twilight Sparkle.

(Just to Clarify, there are no sex scenes. That tab is there because of sexual gestures and a lot of swearing from Twilight.)

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After the Fall Formal, Sunset remains as proud and stubborn as she's always been. But unfortunately for her, the students at CHS aren't going to keep letting her walk all over them. Highjinks ensue, and Sunset finds she'll have to give friendship a try; whether she wants to or not.

Slow burn. Story will be set in three major arcs, then maybe a fourth to tie things up.

This is a re-telling of Sunset's adventure towards redemption. Major canon divergence. SciSet is endgame, with background WallTrix.

This story is inspired by "Long Road To Friendship" by The Albinocorn so there will certainly be some similarities, but I think you'll find that I take it in a different direction :twilightsmile:

Cover art by me!
Featured on 10/7/2019!!!

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Worthless, weak, ugly—as far as Twilight is concerned, that's all she'll ever be. Even three months into their relationship, Twilight still refuses to believe that an absolute goddess like Sunset could ever love a loser like her. And it doesn't help that Twilight spends every night being tormented by nightmares of Midnight Sparkle, the one being who hates Twilight more than she hates herself.

Twilight can only remember a single moment in her life when she felt strong: the five minutes that she spent as Midnight Sparkle. The five minutes she spent with magic.

Now, tortured by fear, anxiety, and never-ending nightmares, Twilight knows the only way to win Sunset's love is to make herself stronger—even if that means resurrecting the demon inside of her.

Originally written for the January 2016 Writeoff, "Look, I Can Explain...", where it made finals.
Thanks to Horizon, Bookplayer, and FanOfMostEverything for offering advice on the original. Thanks to Quill Scratch, Oroboro, Monokeras, Lise Eclaire, Monarch Dodora, Majin Syeekoh, PegasusMesa, Reneigh Haycart, and Hazeyhooves for helping me brainstorm certain parts. Preread by Pascoite.
Art by Ta-Na!

Chapters (4)

*Teen For mild language*

Sunset Shimmer is the model high school student who is envied by her classmates and is well known for her exceptional grades as well as her immaculate appearance. But underneath her "ideal" front is a mask, an egomaniacal ploy to gain popularity. But upon entering Canterlot High, she is knocked off her throne by another student known as Twilight Sparkle, and Sunset Shimmer is now setting her sights on her none-the-wise classmate with every intention of destroying her life. Will she be able to adapt and win or will she learn something more?

Coverart by Sicktwists
Edited by Dramamaster829

Chapters (6)

When Twilight Sparkle had the magical surge that cemented her place as Celestia's student, the amount of power she released not only hatched a baby Dragon, it brought forth something else. Something that shouldn't exist any more.
Something that has Celestia worried.

A fluffy puppy.

[Despite the gore tag it's rather light on that, and they have yet to make a lewd tag and there's a bit of that.]

Editing help by Lawlypops, ThatNoobpony and people in the comments.

Modoc is converting this story into a youtube audio format if you'd rather listen to the story. That link is here.

Season two is live here, Season 2

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Rarity and Twilight are getting married, and neither rain nor snow nor an invading army will stop them.

Chapters (1)

Forgiveness is complicated. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the person who harmed you to let things cool down for a minute before you can even think about the idea with a clear head.
Unfortunately that's not something Princess Twilight considered when she asked her human friends to befriend the person who made their lives for the past few years a living hell immediately after her biggest attempt to destroy everything they held dear.
But there's something different, something... magical about this lonely girl hated by the entire school, and Adagio wants to keep her close so she can figure out what it is.

Featured: 29/04/2020

Chapters (11)

Senior Year brings forth new challenges for the girls. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are stressing about college essays, Pinkie Pie has a bun in the oven, Rarity’s fashion line is taking off, Fluttershy’s working hard to save the local animal shelter from going into foreclosure, Applejack’s workload is putting her grades at risk and Rainbow Dash is fighting to get back on the pitch after a summer injury.

Applejack x Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich
Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) x Sunset Shimmer
Fluttershy x Big Mac

Chapters (2)
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