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I am not Twilight Sparkle.

I have her body, I have her memories, I have her power. I am not her, and I have done such terrible things. This is my story.

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~Completely Re-edited as of 06/13/2021~

I was once a woman in her twilight, my children both old and fresh.

Now I am the child.

I was once a mother and a wife, my family held importance above even my own well-being in my heart.

Now I am orphaned.

I was once a respected human being, a woman to treat as an equal.

Now I am simply an assistant.

I was once happy.


... Now I am Barbara The Dragoness.

Barbara the assistant.

Barbara the child.

Barbara the widow.


The Lost Soul.

This is the story of my second childhood, and how I found the strength to keep moving forward.

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Ember's been the Dragon Lord for a few months now, and the pressures of the throne are beginning to get to her. Although she told her new (and only) pony friend Twilight that she could write to her with any questions about dragon culture, she was beginning to think that maybe she would need to send a letter the other way. After all, Ember's a young princess, just like Twilight! Surely she can give her some princess-ly advice? But Twilight may find that a dragon princess has a few problems that might be a bit different from her own.

*Mods, Ember character tag pls.

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Twilight the dragon has never really felt at home in the Dragon Lands. Unlike most dragons, she values intelligence, and is seen as a pariah for it. But things change when she comes across a purple pony named Spike, who has come to the dragon lands on a "Friendship Mission."
But he must be in the wrong place. After all, dragons don't do friendship.

Written for the Choices Species Change Contest, November 2022

(OMG, This story was featured! I'm so honoured and humbled!)

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This story is a sequel to A Kindled Change

A look into the life of Changeling Princess Chrys as it follows her day-to-day life in Ponyville while she slowly adjusts to the world of ponies, under the supervision and care of a newly crowned Princess Twilight. For a girl whose only ever known darkness almost her entire life, just living amongst ponies is no easy feat.

She finds that her hardest struggles still lie ahead as she works to make a suitable home for her kind. She has to learn to balance her school life with her duties as Princess to her kin and continue to take the steps forward into her new life without regressing.

But in an everyday life filled with strange quirky ponies like the citizens of Ponyville and the cruelty of being the only changeling in a grade school... just being able to keep moving forward becomes an unexpectedly hard task!

(The lovely art was created by the wonder Mutter_Butter.)

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Ranma gets sucked into a book that makes him the protagonist of its story, one which follows the past exploits of Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately for him, he has no idea how the story is supposed to go, or how to leave the book.

I commissioned the cover from Crowne Prince.

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This story is a sequel to The Many Deaths of Twilight Sparkle

Twilight has discovered that Alicorns can 'respawn' when they die. Think of the possibilities! She quickly assembles a crack team of scientists* to test the frontiers of this new power.

*IE whoever was willing to respond to a letter asking for 'suggestions of practical uses for the death of an alicorn'.

An unofficial sequel to "The Many Deaths of Twilight Sparkle".

Rated T for references to death and suicide, though in context those things don't really happen.
Featured on 7/6/2020! W00t!
And featured again on 7/20/2020!

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When Twilight Sparkle finished Starsweral's spell to fix her friends she did not expect to become the new Princess of Equestria. When the magic hit her to form wings Twilights life flashed before her eyes. Images of her friends, her accomplishments, the adventures, their pains.

But why was she seeing other things, stuff that Twilight couldn't explain. Things that looked out of this world. Creatures that didn't exist in Equestria, beings and technology not from this world.

And why did they keep calling her Shepard

This originally was supposed to be a full AU but forgot about it back in 2016 when I made this. So now I'm offering it up to anyone who want's to take the challenge.

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This story take place after the events in the episode Pinkie Keen.

Twilight Sparkle still obsessed over learning about Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie sense" delves into a spell that could give her the answers to finding out what Pinkie sense is. A personality spell that will alter her mindset to become just like the pink Party pony's for twenty four hours.

Spike is then in charge of keeping Twilight within the library. But soon finds himself battling the crazed Twilight who eventually escapes the confines of the library, and starts wrecking havoc upon Ponyville!

Editor Shadowmane PX-41

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The surface isn't safe anymore.

In the ruined depths of Canterlot, a team of brave salvagers discover six mares, long forgotten but miraculously preserved. Though these mares cannot remember what happened to their world, they possess powerful magic that hasn't been seen for centuries.

Now the Elements of Harmony are thrust headlong into a world beyond recognition. Twilight and her friends must dive into the sunken remains of history to determine what happened, but Equestria isn't the harmonious land it once was. Before they can focus wholly on the past, they may first have to survive the present.

It isn't going to be easy.

Audiobook by Skijarama!
Original Soundtrack by Noc!

Special thanks to Doccular42 for the original concept, and M1ntf4n for editing!

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Big thanks to dA artist fantazyme and reader jeffh4 for making this fantastic rendition of Rarity at Mr. Rich's party!

On the fence of whether to read? Check out the Rage Review or hear PaulAsaran's thoughts!

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