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The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

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Two best friends, Anon and Mous land in Equestria after they are swallowed up along with their apartment. The two try to live their lives in relative peace as they learn to make friends and family with the colorful equines, in spite of all the obstacles fate throws their way. Along the way they strive to keep to the universal law they hold so true: Friendship is Magic, but Bro-ness is 5ever.

-Authors note:This fic has lots of Youtube links to songs to set the mood for certain scenes, if any of the links are broken, just drop a comment below and let me know where it is, thanks. -Mandroid.

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The caribou are pushing back and pushing hard against Equestria, wanting nothing more then to enslave the whole lot of them and turn all of the mares into willing whores for Diann's pleasure. However... they didn't expect a long dead race... to aid Equestria in their time of need.

Even in death... we fight.

Story hit the feature box 1/24/2017

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Twenty years before the release of Nightmare Moon from her prison, Anonymous is locked in a deadly dream battle with her. This all comes about when Nightmare establishes a strong dream connection with Equestria after five-hundred years of concentration and learns of a creature named Anon. She also learns that he holds the key to more power and evil knowledge then anything Equestria has ever seen and she wants that knowledge for herself. Join us, as we see this epic battle for the knowledge that should never be in Equestria. Enjoy the nightmare that comes.

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Moulded by the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, Artyom was always the man to do what it took to get the job done; anything to protect the Metro and all of those that would rebuild humanity. He destroyed the Dark Ones to protect mankind and the final stand at D6 was no different. Faced between letting the Communists control the entire Metro and destroying the easiest method of sustaining thousands of people, Artyom took the route of sacrifice by killing himself and destroying D6.

So was the end of his journey ... in Moscow. Lost in a new world, Artyom is faced with surviving in a foreign environment. How can a man born in war and violence survive in a land where such are nearly alien concepts? One thing is certain, he must survive for he won't get another chance.

A Metro/FiM crossover following the ending of Metro: Last Light. If you haven't played the game than you will be in for some spoilers.

*Note* There is Russian used in the words, they will be roughly translated at the end of each chapter. The Russian is used as flare, all important things will be in English. If the Russian is used in an important part, it will be reiterated in English.

Edited by AuthorGenesis, Word Worthy as well as Toothless the Night Fury . Many thanks to them.

Pre-read by VasQwibQwib
Russian help fromSnorting Gentleman, The Boorywooch
Additional Russian help and Pre-read by Andrey_159

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There is a world where Life and Death govern all imaginable realms. A world where Watchers guard over their planets and the creatures that roam them. In this world, a young soul goes on a journey to a place he never thought existed, after cutting an untold deal with Death.

Equestria, a place of magical creatures and mysteries, offers him a new chance at life. A chance he will have to pay dearly for. This is the written story of his adventures, some of the sorrows and victories of his life as he goes through great challenges and fights his inner darkness.

At the end of this journey, one begs the question: What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil side through great effort and sacrifice?

Tagged with Human for the prologue.

Follows show's cannon up until end of Season 2.

Now a published book!
And it's own TvTopes page!

Spanish translation: Here

First chapter published January 2012
Marked as Complete on 31st August 2014
Published (printed) on 25th November 2014

PM me for the full digital version of the now-printed book! (includes text PDF, full cover and fan art)

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Discord was thought to have finally come to the side of harmony and light, but it turns out to be quite the opposite. He betrayed the land of Equestria--a land which has forgiven him twice--for a second time. He has now released all of Equestria's greatest foes against his most formidable adversaries, the Elements of Harmony.

The land was flooded with smoke, and great fires that ravage all in its path. The treacherous Chrysalis aims to control the land and oppress the ponies into nothing but mindless servants for her hungry children, while brutes like Tirek aim to gain as much power as possible. In the mean time Discord just sits back and watches with a gleeful, menacing, and malicious smile.

Luckily for Equestria, they just got a new hero.

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Once, I was a simple human. I spent my days living my life and enjoying as the days slowly ticked past. I had a girlfriend who loved me and who I loved in return.

That all changed one day when I went to a costume party dressed up as the character Amaterasu from the game Okami.

Now I don't even know what I am anymore.

I have the powers of a god, but what am I supposed to use them for?

Edited and Proofread by Courage Fire and tytyvm starting from Fourth and Fifth Howl.

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This story is a sequel to How many friends have you made today?!

Things are a lot better for Anon since the events of Ponyville. His store is doing great and he enjoys the company of all his friends. As the days go on, he finds that the problems of the past are quick to haunt him as he is forced to face the one thing that hurt him the most.

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As the elements were unleashed, the Nightmare knew it was over. But it would not let it's fun end. No, it would not be left behind. It would find another world to bring to ruin. As for the poor sap that was left in It's place? He was going to get blasted, what did it matter what he ended up getting from It?

Cover Image by NetherWalker

Realized there was no link, so I'm adding two, one here and one in the chapter. After the events of Don't Underestimate the Power of a Bored Mare , the juicy bits that I cant put in a T fic: Defining Love

Edit: I swear, half of you are uncultured heathens. The thing in the image with the Nightmare's hair is a substitute doll

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