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My name is Cameron, I am currently a junior in highschool and plan on joining the US Coast Guard when I graduate from Nova. I love horses, steam locomotives, vintage cars, and military equipment

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When a rogue group of Changelings threatens Canterlot, it's up to Princess Celestia Donald J. Trump to defeat them!

Can the God-Emperor save the day? Or will the bad hombres be his undoing?

Edited By James Fire.

A satirical piece.

Chapters (2)

One night, the moon turns red and seemingly begins to cry. Luna refuses to explain what is going on but instead demands that Twilight Sparkle be sent to her instead.

Written in commemoration of the Challenger disaster.

Featured? Thank you. For remembering them.

Chapters (1)

"The sea is merciless, respecter of none. It will swallow you whole, its icy grip dragging you beneath its churning waves, damning you and all you care about to a mindless, chaotic despair, and the singular need to survive.

When you scream to the heavens for a miracle, your lungs choking on the icy brine, it is their light that you will see. They are the guardian angels of the lost souls amongst the drift. They are the Coast Guard."

It was certainly a worthwhile ideal, but for Jason and his helicopter crew, living up to it was no easy challenge. With human technology and ponies' magic, their lives are constantly on the line for the sake of others, the weight of their credo, semper paratus, looming over them.

P.S. The story takes place approximately one hundred years after the Earth and Equestria made first contact.

The story inspired by "The Guardian" 2006 movie. I suggest you watch it.

And just for the records, I don't work in the Coast Guard, so if by chance there are some mistakes in the story don't hesitate to let mi know.

I dedicate this story to all the Coast Guard members around the world.

Proofreading by JBL

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Rest

Three Hundred Years.

I've spent all that time teaching both humans and ponies to never forget the war. I've slowly become content with not just my life, but the fact that I am the last dragon. I've made and lost friends, students, and gained a great deal of respect from both ponykind and humanity. I've seen things change for the better, yet there is one thing I am forced to confront one thing that I fear most.

Falling in love.

Can I, a long lived being who has already outlive those I care about, accept a future with a lover? Or am I too afraid to face such a devastating loss once more?

Edited by Chaotic Note and Socks

Artwork done by MajorDude

Please help out at the NegotationsVerse TV Tropes page

Chapters (5)

I wanted to do better than the original story I wrote. It will be a little different this time, hopefully. (This might have a sequel if you chose the right choice.) Click here to see the original .

Rainbow Dash tried to prank the entire town but Pinkie had an idea to prank her back. A lot of things go wrong, just because of a lesson Rainbows' friends tried to teach her.

Edit: Sequel on hiatus.

Chapters (2)

On a morning like any other, two sapient cupcakes barge into Sugarcube Corner, believing it to be a kingdom.

However, after finding out the horrible truth about what happens to cupcakes, they attempt to overthrow Pinkie Pie and stop the production (and consumption) of cupcakes once and for all!

Edited by James Fire.

Chapters (1)

This is my opinion on what could have happened in the episode '28 pranks later '... (this is my very first story so there might be some mistakes)

Rainbow Dash has turned the entire town into cookie-eating zombies who want to teach her a lesson. Rainbow can't help but feel guilty, she basically killed everypony. But the problem is, she pays for a tragedy that didn't even happen...

Note: rated teen for Death only. And if you don't like character deaths, please don't read it.

Chapters (1)

After telling Pinkie that she doesn't believe in the "Hearths Warming Pixie", mysterious objects start to turn up in Twilight's castle. Is this the work of her friends, or something far more sinister? And what in the world is she to do with all these birds and pear trees?

Chapters (13)

In a parallel universe, there exists an Equestria where the Princess of the Sun is not a pony, but one of the most advanced war machines ever created.

Featured on the front page! Thanks, everyone!

Chapters (1)

Since trading a library tree for a much larger crystal castle, Twilight Sparkle and Spike don't see each other quite as much as they used. One quiet day in a string of quiet days, the young alicorn decides to visit her even younger companion.

Chapters (1)
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