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The gryphons were not always monsters. That came later.

In the earliest days, they were our friends. They flew alongside pegasi. They shared the land with earth ponies. They studied beside unicorns. There was no fear between us. That came later too.

Time drew our people apart, but it was not time that made them monsters. They made that choice themselves; they chose their fate. And it was the greatest gryphon who sealed it.

He was born, many years ago, on a mountain far to the north...

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When Pinkie Pie seems troubled by her inability to pulverize boulders into dust, Applejack suggests a visit to the Pie Family farm to learn from the best. She tags along, of course. After all, she's always wanted to learn.

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The title says it all, dear reader. This is a story primarily about Pony bottoms. And some other things, like cats. But mostly bottoms.

An Entry for the April 2015 Writeoff 'Great Expectations'

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While hanging out with her friends, Sunset Shimmer learns that earth horses apparently can't vomit.

As a magical talking pony, this discovery utterly baffles her.

Proofread by the ever helpful RQK

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When Twilight received a letter from Luna informing her of Princess Celestia's death, she had no idea what to expect. However, nothing could have prepared her for what followed.

Written for the 13th F*** This Prompt contest.

Special thanks to fourths for editing.

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Just what became of six legendary Equestrian heroes? And where did the first Alicorns come from?

The answer is both more exalting and more disgusting than one might expect.

Rated “T” for Turbid, “IM” for immaturity, and “S” for unapologetic silliness.

The Critics Rave!

“…a classic undignified farce…”—A British Gentleman

“…I am impressed, amazed, shocked and appalled. I’m impramazocktapalled.”—AlphaBrony

“GGA burns the good faith I had in him after the Riverdream Manuscript…” — Anonymous

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One day, while working at Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie comes to a startling realization.

She has no idea how Fluttershy earns money.

For Pinkie Pie, not knowing something so important about one of her closest friends is intolerable. But when she asks Fluttershy, the only answer she'll give is:

"I do odd jobs."

Now, Pinkie Pie is determined to find out exactly what Fluttershy does to make ends meet...

(Rated Teen for mild risque humor.)

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Let me give this to you straight. I'm a doctor. My title says 'Nurse', but I'm a doctor. I deal with sick and injured ponies daily, and give both treatment and advice to them with trust and confidence. That includes a certain six friends and their own medical needs.

If the rest of Equestria actually knew that disaster was one missed pill away, I don't think 'riots in the streets' would be sufficient to cover it. But I'm bound by Doctor/Patient Confidentiality, so I guess I'm the thin red line between civilization, and eternal enslavement by some horror from beyond.

That eternal enslavement thing sounds better every day, mind you.

*Cover image original artwork credited to mysticalpha

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Pinkie Pie has a spare of everything. Even emergencies. You know, in case of emergency emergencies.

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