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With the aid of a newly hired royal caretaker Princess Celestia adopts a new life with less stress and worry.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diapers, diaper usage, or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

Chapters (7)

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage, humiliation, and AB/DL themes. If these do not appeal to you, then please do not read any further.

Light Ponami come into contact with an odd book that allows him to make other ponies incontinent, what he plans to do with this is something nopony can comprehend.

This was a bad idea that formed in the depths of my own hell #crinkleponies.

Art and edited by Lphooves, and #crinkleponies approved here it is.

Chapters (3)

After her return from the moon and subsequent defeat at the hooves of the mane six, Luna is taken by her sister to Canterlot where the start of her reform awaits. She faces humiliation and guilt but with the help of her sister she manages to find a new way to cope

Warning, this story contains ABDL themes including forced diapering, public humiliation, spanking, wet and messy diapers, and more which may be intense in nature. Please do not proceed if you dislike stories of this kind.

This is my first story on here, and I would love constructive criticism, please don’t be too harsh on my abilities as I am trying to get better at writing.

Edit: Why is this being disliked so much?????

Edit 2: Thank you guys for all the support and feedback! I’m so excited about how interested you guys are in this story and I really love reading and responding to your comments! If you have any suggestions you can add those to the comments too!

Edit 3: 14K words! Wow, you guys! I never thought this project would be well received, or as long as its gotten! It's so much more than I'd hoped it would be! Thank you <3 Chapter edits are being done as well as the most recent chapter 'To build a Fort', so please check those out!

Edit 4: Thank you guys for the feedback, more chapters will come out soon. Also, note on constructive criticism. I will ALWAYS welcome feedback as long as it's not intentionally rude and is intended to promote improvements. Negative comments just for the sake of being negative are not appreciated.

Edit 5: Whelp, looks like I’ve actually remembered to work on this project, hope to get more down pat, and get the story working.

Edit 6: Seems like someone checked this for plagiarism, I’m pleasantly surprised that someone thought I was cheating :3

Chapters (9)

This story was inspired by the videogame Papers, please launched in 2013 and the story Padded Empire written by Soft ColorWaltz, where was taken the main location of the story. This story doesn't contain communists or war elements or references like the videogame, and the story adds its our elements about the location which weren't mentioned in the original Padded Empire story. The story is also pretty afar from the events of the original one. Nevertheless, the story contains strong references to diapers and diaper usage and it is not suggested for people who doesn't like this topic.

With the pass of time the Padded Empire has been converted in an important tourism and business attractive for tons of ponies, including those ones who want to live their fantasies. That's why the border guards must protect their land from any kind of evil creature who would like to disrupt their society and violate the law, but maybe the most important, try to introduce fakes of the most famous diaper brands to make the economy crash. Would they be able to do that?

Chapters (1)

When you must wear diapers practically all the time, you not only learn how to endure critics' constant gaze and ponies calling you weird names, you also learn tons of interesting things about the different diaper brands, how much they hold, which size is better for any kind of pony’s body, how strong are the tapes or which designs and colors are available. That makes Sugar Pad, a kind mare who only two years ago moved to Ponyville, the perfect candidate for this job in front of the Diapers & Powders subsidiary in this small town. But in an unusual specialized store, interesting things could happen, unusual clients with unusual needs and likes, clients who really don’t want to be in there but really need it, and tons of different situations to take part of. That’s what Sugar Pad must do every day in this job.

Once again thanks to my good friend Squigges for being the editor of my story and helping me to improve my writing every day.

Warning: This story is strongly related with diapers and contain few scenes of diaper usage, please avoid reading it if you consider those topics weird.

Chapters (1)

Spitfire, a world renown Wonderbolt, was in a mission to save a village from a runaway hurricane. With no other options left, Spitfire as resorted to a more dangerous tactic. Being Successful the Hurricane has broken apart but the after blow knocked Spitfire off and thrown into the forest, crashing down on many trees. Spitfire, days later, recovers from her tragic and close call death but now has suffered damage to her body. Will this recent experience causes her to change forever?

This story will contain some blood and Maybe Incontinence to a well renown hero. You've been warn.

Chapters (4)

Crossover with Ranma 1/2
A project started by taking a pun and fanon meta just a little too far.

Ranma Saotome is deposited in Equestria at the whim of an excited child and with no way home is going to just have to make the best of it.

New Cover art, 2/15/19, commission by Cass
Previous Cover done by me

Chapters (4)

The picture from the cover inspired me to this story. And this morning, I wrote it down. I don't have an Editor and that means there will be grammatic errors. I just hope they are not so big to destroy the story totally...

Twilight has to go to the Crystal Empire to help Cadance with her Baby Shower! But she can't just leave the library alone and Spike is coming with her. But Rainbow Dash has time and as the loyal friend she is, keeps an eye on everything. Twilight warned her to NOT go in the basement. But Rainbow, the Daredevil she is, can of course not resist...

The Magical Baby Carriage

Chapters (1)

Celestia agrees to help Twilight with a problem shes' been dealing with for many years. However as Twilight soon discovers, her fascination with her fetish is linked deeper than she could've guessed. Thankfully Celestia is there for her support.

(Warning: Contains mild age play and mild sexually suggestive scenes)

Cover Art: http://britishstarr.deviantart.com/

Chapters (1)

Starlight and Trixie have been best friends for some time now, but even best friends have secrets, secrets that they dare not tell the other. They have their reasons. Good reasons. But, what if Starlight was willing to not only accept Trixie's secret, but help her out with it? Trixie is about to find out if that's true or not.

Chapters (1)
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