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At an accident during on of Pinkie Pie's classes Fluttershy loses her vision. Her friends don't know if she'll ever see again. Now Fluttershy has to learn how to cope with this new handicap and deal with the idea of it being permanent.

Thanks to


for making the cover.

Chapters (6)

It has been said that nothing lived on the land of Equestria before the three pony tribes became one and settled there. It has also been said that ponies cultivated and created Equestria with their own hooves.

This is wrong.

Thousands of years after the cultivation of Equestria, Zachery a human soldier whose sole task is to protect the human race is allowed to take a leave of absence. It has been thousands of years since the last pony sighting and being in constant state of wartime is deemed too stressful for both the militants and civilians involved.
While this is happening, Twilight Sparkle an alicorn princess of Equestria unearths information on a lost race that lived in Equestia thousands of years ago. Unknowingly to the both her and Zachery, she slowly sets into motion the events that will cause the two species that had violently divided to once again meet. For better or for worse.

Chapters (34)

Princess Celestia saves a pony from Rainbow Falls from stoning by her fellow townsfolk and gives her sanctuary in Canterlot. While investigating the matter further, she discovers of laws made without her approval and does everything in her power to remove the town's leaders from their positions.

Chapters (16)

Set in the EK Verse.

Flash Sentry is visiting his family for the weekend but then learns about reactions to the Journal of Friendship.

Now he goes to set the crowd straight.

As well, as this three certain ponies are in the area and watch the Royal Guard.

Chapters (1)

It's rare that the Royal Family gets together for anything these days. So when Sapphire Shores come to Ponyville as Cadence and Shining Armor visit from the Chrystal Empire, it's a no brainer that for one night, all royalty are going to take the night off.

One problem though. The babysitter for Flurry Heart canceled.

Queen Chrysalis has been wanting revenge for everything for a while now, and has decided this was the night she was going to attack. However, instead of a fearce battle that would lead to either victory or defeat, she was given an interesting wager.

If she can watch Flurry Heart for one evening and not lose her mind, she would be given Equestria without a fight.

Sounds legit.

Rated Teen for some suggestive humor.

(I had lots of fun with this)

Chapters (1)

Another saiyan escaped the explosion of Planet Vegeta. Though this Saiyan landed on Equis (Pre-NightMare Moon Banishment). Luna finds Kale and decides to take him in and care for him as her own. She has to keep this alien warrior child a secret from Celestia however, or Celestia may think he's too dangerous to have around...
(http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonball/images/c/c5/Heroe(DBH).jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110316185157 Basic Look of Kale)

(Also, sorry if the prologue and the first chapter are a bit...rushed. Nothing else will be rushed)

Chapters (5)

The Mighty Griffons soccer team has been undefeated for the last three and a half seasons, or a total of fifty six games. They called this feat the “The Streak” When Rainbow Dash scores the winning goal, that ends “The Streak”, her fortunes ends with it when her defeated opponents prove to be far worse than mere bad sports.

Takes place in EqG universe

Co-Authors: Joshwolf999, YamiPuppy, Epicmanlymare22

Editors: Izanagi, Biker_Dash

Cover art: eternalcha0s

EDIT: Featured 1/10/15 4:04 pm

Chapters (1)

After Sunset Shimmer & Dim Sum reunite, they move to Ponyville with Dim Sum's twin sister Krystal, whom becomes infatuated with Spike after seeing Spike for the 1st time & chases him all around Ponyville, trying to forcefully kiss him!

Chapters (4)

After loosing a bet to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara dresses up as a pig. This gives her the unwanted attention of Apple Bloom, who has become completely obsessed with her. Can Diamond Tiara survive this nightmare?

Spoiler warning: No.

Written for Valentine's Day, err, I mean Hearts and Hooves Day.

Chapters (1)

With the Ponyville School Dance coming up, and not having a date, Diamond Tiara sets up interviews to find her special somepony.

Chapters (1)
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