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It’s become clear that Rainbow Dash has way too much junk in her purse, so Rarity thinks it’s about time she got it cleaned out. And while she’s at it, why not get the other girls in on it too?

Inspired by SapphireGamgee's Equestria Girls Purse Meme art collection.

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This story is a sequel to Danganronpa: In Harmony's Wake

Wallflower Blush and fifteen others are isolated in a desert town to see if ponies and humans can get along. But when the place is suddenly overtaken by the malevolent Monohuman, Wallflower must survive the resulting killing game.

Thanks to the magnificent JCarp for hopping on board to make this sequel possible.

Note: this is a direct sequel to Danganronpa: In Harmony's Wake. While not strictly required reading, much of the context will be lost upon the reader should they fail to read it first. Therefore I highly encourage you to do so. However, I have also provided a set of cliff notes, located here.

Thanks yous for pre-reading go out to Sleepless Beholder, Da Otter Guy, and the spouses of both authors.

Cover Art uses artwork from The Sleepless Beholder. Thank you massively for your artistic contribution.

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This story is a sequel to Shards of Incongruence

A couple of months after meeting her human counterpart, they continue to spend time together doing totally innocent things like kissing and cuddling and also not so innocent things like... holding hands. It’s been going great, so Sunset finally introduces her to her friends. As her girlfriend. It goes pretty much as well as she was expecting it to. How often do you get to tell your friends that you’re dating yourself, anyway?

Thanks to Bike for helping me with the short desc and the name honestly this fic goes out to you!
Cover art commissioned by Bike and drawn by me lmfao.
Sex tag for a fair amount of suggestive jokes, and profanity tag because they hecking swear!!!

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This story is a sequel to A Perfect Date for the Perfect Girl

Sunset couldn't be happier. She's finally dating the girl she loves, they're spending more time together than ever before, and she's fairly certain that Twilight is just as happy as she is in the relationship. Only one problem: They've been keeping it secret from all of their friends, and haven't thought of a good way to bring it up. Coincidentally, all of their friends have noticed that they've been acting awfully strange the last few weeks. Now it's a matter of coming clean before everyone figures it out.

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Sunset starts off her day just like any other. Wake up cursing the sun, nearly dying on the stairs, and worrying about how she's totally gonna confess her love to her best friend today. Totally. Unfortunately, what started off as a pretty normal crappy morning quickly begins to come apart when a certain cute variable gets thrown into the mix. Sunset will definitely deal with this in a chill and relaxed manner, like everything she does. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.

Oh wow. Featured the same day I posted it. That's... Wow. Thanks!

Read the sequel here!

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Meeting herself was not really something Sunset had ever planned to do. But once she does, she insists that they’re different people. What that leads to is something she was not expecting to enjoy.

Second place finalist for the Sunset Shimmer X Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest! Proof read by Sunlight Rays

Sex tag is only for suggestive jokes and comments. This is not as serious as the title and cover art makes it seem.

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The Dazzlings are old. Really old. It's very likely they've gone on many adventures and done many different things in their thousand-years trapped in the human world.

For Aria, a family might well be one of them.

Written for the May Pairings Contest 2022!

Thanks for the pre-read by The Sleepless Beholder

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Luna travels to the world of humans for a vacation, and encounters an old enemy from the time of myths.

An entry into the Crackship Contest.

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Sunset is certain Adagio hates her. She's both wrong and right about that, and is about to learn a thing or two about sirens and romance.

Adagio is certain Sunset wants her. She's wrong about that. For now.

Winner of the Sunset x Adagio competition.

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During a visit to the human world, Princess Twilight Sparkle was taught some of the basics of how the internet works by her human counterpart. She planned to have a field day surfing the web to learn more about her human friends' world.

However, thanks to luck and previous activities, Princess Twilight was led to a "mature" website. Being born a pony and raised in Equestria, she didn't understand the true gravity of what she was seeing. Worse, none of that boded well for the human Twilight...

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