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~A Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and MLP crossover~

This is a sequel to the movie so there will be spoilers for it, you've been warned.

Puss staved off Death, his relationship with Kitty has never been better, and he's got a new friend in Perrito! Nothing should have gone wrong, but an old enemy and a few new ones have come seeking power. Power that threatens Puss and those he loves. To help defeat these foes and protect the ones he cares for Puss will have to travel far and wide in search of new and powerful allies. It's just his luck then that he happens to come across a gateway to another dimension. A dimension in which Puss will find six unlikely heroes. The question is will they arrive in time, or will their help come just a little too late? Can the legend beat the odds and save his friends? How did these two worlds collide? What is the Philosopher's Stone? And what is that ominous whistling, it sounds so familiar...

Hey thank you for the features! Featured on 1/28/23, 1/29/23, and 1/30/23

Loved the movie so much! Seen it in theaters three times all ready, so good! Definitely my second favorite movie of all time. Didn't see a full-blown crossover with it on here yet, so here's my crack at it. I hope you enjoy!

More tags will be added as the story progresses. I don't want to spoil it through the tags you know.

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Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Crossover

This story is a sequel to The One True King.

A new age of monsters had come at last.

Coexistence, an idea that once seemed to be a fading dream, was made possible, and the Gods of Old had returned to the world of ponies. For a time, all was at peace. For a time, the Titans and the creatures of Equus could live together in a fabled harmony made true. But peace, as all things, could never last.

Ancient rivalries are being made new. Legendary monsters are reigniting a war long-forgotten. Terror is growing on every tide as an old enemy grows in the shadows. It’s up to the heroes of Equestria to form unconventional bonds, discover the primordial evil living beneath their world, and fight a battle they could never have prepared for.

When Godzilla and Kong clash, and until the last king stands.

Cover art by Shrekzilla. Go give this awesome dude a follow!

Huge shoutout to Tarbtano, Great White Prime, ViliK, and of course Shrekzilla for their contributions to the story!

*FEATURED ON DAY ONE, 9/10/2022! Thank you all for the massive support <3*

Chapters (12)

When the stars aligned to give their power to the Queen of Nightmares, something else over rode that power, sending her to a far off world. Now in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has a choice. Join the Avengers, or be kept as a science experiment. Seeing the fame Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have, the choice is clear.

Featured May 25th of 2022: Thank you guys so much! I just posted this, and you guys really seem to like it.

Featured May 31st of 2022: Again?! Y'all are insane, thank y'all so much for liking this so much.

Featured June 6th of 2022:
Y'all really like this story that much, huh? Well, as long as y'all keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Featured June 24th of 2022: Why does this keep happening?!

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Warning: The following story is currently unedited and contains scenes that may be too intense for audiences. Honestly, this is more of a thought experiment than anything, especially given the idea of a what if.

Zecora had created a monster.

What was originally meant to be a birthday present for Applebloom as a game that has influences of her home country has the potential to cause chaos and devistation. In the process of creating a cardless game with a gem that would read out random events, something had gone wrong. So in an attempt to dismantle the game, she turned to Twilight in hopes to use magical means to take it apart safely.

Unfortunately, Smolder and Gallus had discovered the game. And out of boredom, decided they should play it with their friends.

After all, it's just a game... right?

Chapters (10)

A son saves his father, and both are whisked away. In their journey, a new world is found. New friends are made. A new threat rises. A new power is uncovered. And the first chapter to a new legend is written. Part one of the "To Walk the Sky" series.

Co-written by Nasubrony and proofread by the Psychopath.

Chapters (9)

Short of funds and with nowhere to stay, the Dazzlings are forced to seek refuge with some very distant relatives of theirs.

The sirens have absolutely no idea what they're letting themselves in for.

Chapters (5)

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, one a student of Celestia, the other just getting started, are yanked from their homes by a mysterious magical mirror. Now trapped on Earth, their lives forever altered, they do their best to cope. To learn. To join Starfleet, and, someday, to return to the home they lost.

Returned from hiatus, albeit with a less regular posting schedule.
Preread and editing work performed by Blue Horizon, Grand_Moff_Pony, and witegrlninja. Thank you all very much. :twilightsmile:

Featured as of April 5th, 2021! Thanks all.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of August 7th, 2021! Thank you again so much! :pinkiehappy:

Season 2 Cast List.

Chapters (27)

Zecora and Yoda have a short conversation about the Force, and then a surprise guest shows up.

Challenge fic based upon a thread from the Crossover FIMFic group, which dared people to write something like this, claiming it was impossible. I decided to prove them wrong, because I like a challenge.

Featured as of March 4th, 2021! Daww, thanks everyone.

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The bustling metropolis of Manehattan has become the home of a most peculiar vigilante; an earth pony stallion of reportedly titanic strength, incredible speed, and uncanny senses. Drifting through the darkened streets of the city at night, stopping crimes and snatching ponies from the brink of disaster, this so-called "Supermane" has become something of an urban legend, an enigmatic, somewhat unsettling, but apparently well-meaning presence in the great city.

When Princess Twilight catches wind of this mysterious pony, she sends three of her most trusted friends to Manehattan to investigate the situation and answer the questions everyone's been asking; who is Supermane? What is he? And what does he really want? Allying themselves with reporters from the Daily Planet newspaper, and running afoul of the schemes of industrialist Tech "Lex" Lexicon and LexCorp Industries, the ponies are set for a high-flying adventure like they've never known before as they unravel the mystery of Supermane...who may have a few personal mysteries of his own that he's trying to solve.

Look up in the sky...

Superman adaptation. Takes place post-Season 9, set about six months or so after "The Ending of the End". Rated T to be on the safe side.

Featured on January 15th-17th, 2021 (the dates on the chapters are messed up for some reason). From the first day?! How?!

Featured again on March 9th. Chapter update notifications now restored! :D

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While organising the restricted section of the Canterlot Archives, Twilight stumbles across an old secret, one that Celestia had forgotten about, and Luna had hoped long buried.

Drawn back to the Boiling Isles for the first time in many years, the two find themselves wrapped up once more in old rivalries, conflicts, and the antics of a certain demented owl lady.

Neither Hexside nor Equestria have any idea what's about to hit them.

Chapters (6)