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The letter that Pharynx wrote, which he didn't mean for anyone to see. But now he's seen; now they found it. And they're going to read it. And there just might be someone else who has something to say about it.

Because you can't take us all down. Pride voices will not be silenced. Written for the Pride and Positivity 2021 Event. Help out by donating to one of the charities they're contributing to this year!

-Transgender Law Center
-Palestine Children's Relief Fund
-Sewa International (An Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief)

Cover art belongs to CitreneSkys

(Marked with suicide for mentions of self-harm and contemplation of suicide.)

Chapters (2)

Luna takes the most unruly apprentice in Equestria under her wings.

Equestria just took a step closer to disaster.

Preread by SockPuppet and hawthornbunny
Written for May 2021 Pairing Contest.
Sweetie Belle vector by sonofaskywalker
Luna vector by SketchMCreations

Chapters (1)

She wanted peace. She wanted diplomacy. She wanted harmony and friendship.

She got war.

With the armies of the Changeling Lands marching through Equestria, overwhelming any and all resistance they encounter, Princess Celestia has had to resort to increasingly drastic measures to save her country and the ponies that live in it. But while her sister leads the armies from the front and her ponies fight and die in the name of princesses and country, Celestia feels useless and inadequate in Canterlot. After all, she was supposed to protect her precious little ponies. How had she failed them so badly?

Those doubts and worries gradually gnaw away at her, day after day and month after month. Until one day, she reaches a tipping point, the point of no return:

She will save Equestria, no matter what it takes.

[An Equestria at War story]

Edited by LoyalLiar and SolidFire
Art by TwoTail813

Chapters (1)

Starlight gets a secret admirer admitting that they love her and she decides to write all her closest friends to see who wrote it but the question is who wrote that letter.

Chapters (6)

My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

It was not destiny or enjoyment that led me to discover the cello and composing. My parents made that decision, deciding before I was born I would continue their family legacy of famous musicians.

They did not realize what that decision would cost them.

Special Thanks and Links:

Cover Art: Dreampaw. The inspiration for the story.
Dramatic reading of Act I-III by Malao567. June 2013
Reading with music by ObabScribbler. June 2014
Song: Hooks and Strings by Reverb Brony. May 2014

Style inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
TypeWriterError: Editor & Rating Board
Gage of Grandiloquence: Editor
The11thWonder: Pre-reader
Nharctic: Pre-reader
Breath of Plagues: My Pinch Editor.
ArgonMatrix: Bad Grammar Exterminator
Daemon of Decay: Advice, also inspired me to write fan fiction. Blame him!

Chapters (3)

Rainbowdash wanted to explore, and have awesome adventures in faraway lands, so when Twilight offered her the opportunity to go further than any pony has gone before, she took it. Now she's stranded on an Alien planet, with no way back home, and none of her friends. But she does find some very unlikely aid.

Ryley is a survivor from the spaceship Aurora, and as far as he can tell, he might be the only one, now after just having his hopes of rescue dashed, he is suddenly confronted with a different survivor, one who might just help him find a way of this planet after all.

Together the unlikely pair now need to uncover the mysteries of why they're both here, and what else is on Planet 4546B.

A crossover with the Game Subnautica, a highly entertaining game that I seriously suggest you play before reading this, or even if you don't read this story, just play the game, its good fun.

Also spoiler warning for the game, hence why you should just go play it, done that? Good, now time for story.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain and Wins

So, villainy was profitable the first time. Anon managed to wrangle up revenue from properties he owned, but due to how every pony was still a little pissed, they got some dope lawyers and kicked him out of the country. Thankfully, he’s still got his squad to back him up as he decides to come out of retirement and be a super villain in the Crystal Empire instead... that is, until some jackass tries to do it first.

This time around, there’ll be like, three chapters and an epilogue.
Warning: naughty no-no words.

Featured: January 7, 2021

Chapters (4)

Late on Nightmare Night, after the rest of Ponyville has gone to bed, Pinkie Pie descends into the dark and silent basement of Carousel Boutique. She’s determined to make things better with Rarity after a friendship-splintering fight, but there might not be a solution for the troubles she finds once inside the house. Didn’t anypony tell her it’s not safe to venture out alone at night?

Chapters (1)

Rick, a very enthusiastic human, meets Twilight, a curious pony who wants to know his name.

Rick isn't having any of it.

A shitpost written in a hour. Will be updated semi-regularly to springboard me into writing actively. Criticism appreciated, except from Mike White, because he's above this story.

Edited and inspired by FamousLastWords.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio! (Currently CH1 & First part of CH2)

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story

Five years ago, the land now known as Apple Valley had another name. Five years ago, something ancient and monstrous set hoof there. Five years ago, something terrible happened. Five years ago, the story ended.

But, as three unsuspecting back-packing friends are about to find out, some stories never really end...

The winter's wind is blowing hard.
The air is thick and white...


A shivery little Christmas gift to celebrate the five year anniversary of the first Hearth's Warming horror story.

Dedicated to ObabScribbler and Sparrow9642, whose readings made the original that much more wonderful.

Scary Christmas, everyone.

Chapters (1)