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Scootaloo has a secret. One that she's been hiding her whole life, and after the royal wedding has no choice but to share.

Apple Bloom has a secret. One that she's been hiding for six months, and is still terrified of.

Sweetie Belle has a secret. One that she's been hiding for... well, she doesn't know how long, and is looking for answers to.

So what happens when three not-ponies find out their friends aren't ponies either?

Well, one thing's for certain: they're going to have to come up with a new name for their club. Hopefully one better than the title.

Cover by Crimsion Ink

First few chapters edited by metallusionsismagic, AppleTank, and the last few chapters edited by Crocoshark, Bahamuttone

Featured May 30, 2015!

Chapters (26)

This story is a sequel to Frenemies... With Benefits

At the conclusion of the Battle of the Bell, the three villains were incapacitated by a giant cupcake. But when the cupcake was poofed away, the trio of doom were nowhere to be found. For over a year, Equestria has stood sentry against their inevitable attempt at revenge.

Now two retired monarchs are about to discover that somehow, against all odds, the greatest threats in Equestria's history may have found the impossible; a happy ending.


The conclusion of the Frenemies Trilogy, with cover art borrowed from raritylover152.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle gathers her friends after receiving a rather distressing letter from her mentor, Princess Celestia. She's not happy about the contents, at all.

It seems her friends all went on some magical adventure without her. And now they're all in a lot of trouble.

Sex tag and Teen rating for some crude humor.

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle has recently returned from a diplomatic mission to Gryphonstone. While she has gone beyond the borders of Equestria many times in the past, this is her first official state visit as a princess.

As a way of celebrating her success Princess Celestia hosts a tea party, during which the other monarchs of Equestria share stories about diplomatic blunders. These include Cadance's bout with Saddle Arabian purity laws, Luna's near beheading, and Celestia's ordeal with limes.

Cover Art is done by Baron-Engel.

Edited by Tempus.

Written for Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest under the prompt, we learned something political.

Sex tag is for sexual language/references and not actual sex, death tag is for mentions of death, and dark tag is because it does get a lil dark here and there.

Now with a Russian Translation!

Oh hey, this fic got featured on Episode 210 of Pony 411. That's kinda super cool.

"That said, Luna's story is hysterical, and there's some great sexual and relationship comedy in here. Worth it, on the whole." - PresentPerfect, Recommended for Laughs, Febuary 28th

Chapters (1)

There’s no end to the monsters that lurk in the dark.

Ghosts, werewolves, mad scientists, cultists, mutants, zombies, vampires, aliens and more lie in wait in the dark corners of Equestria, terrorizing the night. But the most infamous and dangerous of them all is the legendary witch Twilight Sparkle, with a five hundred million bit bounty on her head.

Seeking fame and fortune, Rainbow Dash sets out to defeat the legendary witch and collect the massive reward. The one thing she wasn't counting on was Twilight being less evil than she expected.

Chapters (41)

Campfire tales never scare Gallus. After surviving life alone in Griffonstone and a year of challenges at the School of Friendship, it’d take way more than hearing “The Olden Pony” again to get his heart racing.

But Silverstream’s monster story isn’t like other campfire tales. As Gallus and his friends listen to each revelation and twist, an unshakable urge possesses him: sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Chapters (6)

Diamond Tiara has had it up to here with her mother, and her father's apparent refusal to do anything about her behavior! Unwilling and unable to put up with such nastiness any longer, Diamond does the unthinkable and runs away from home, leaving her trusty tiara behind in the process!

The filly moves into Carousel Boutique with Rarity, despite the surprise and protests of not only Rarity herself, but also Sweetie Belle. However, it seems nothing can change Diamond's mind. Reluctantly, Rarity agrees to let the troubled filly stay, for a while.

But when Diamond is kidnapped by the diamond dogs while on a gem hunt with Sweetie Belle, she will be surprised by the pony who comes to her rescue.

(Takes place after "Applejack's 'Day' Off" but before "Spice Up Your Life". Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art, and proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FimFiction.)

Chapters (1)

To save her sister and her faithful student, Celestia herself must travel into the ancient tunnels beneath the ruined castle in the Everfree Forest. She, and the guards who accompany her, must face the dark, twisting corridors. Still, what was Luna and Twilight's purpose at the old castle? Why were they unable to return of their own accord?

And what watches Celestia from beyond the light's edge?

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Into The Depths

The horrors of the catacombs have turned to distant memories for Celestia, Twilight, and Luna. Discord’s change of heart and Twilight’s coronation have helped to ease and erase the mental scars from that harrowing night. The three princesses can even smile and laugh as Nightmare Night moves into full swing.

Yet, it should never be forgotten that those who have been touched by Tirek are forever within his grasp.

Chapters (9)

It turns out that Sunset Shimmer's final letters to Princess Celestia before her exile were not filled with resentment or remorse.

There might have been a lot more frantic running away involved.

But whatever the case, it was definitely not Sunset's fault.

At all.

Cover Art designed by Novel-Idea from my original cruddy screencap!

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility. No actual sex.

Contains minor Sunlight shipping. Much apologies.

Chapters (1)