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This is my short bio. I like ghost stories.

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A handful of pages recount a remarkable journey to Equestria by someone who sought only a little peace. The story continues in Justice, and concludes in Hope.

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This story is a sequel to Order from Chaos

Worker has found happiness, health, and most importantly, home. Now he struggles to defend those who made his new life possible while he wrestles with his own demons.
A belated sequel to Order from Chaos.
Concluded in Hope.

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This story is a sequel to Justice

Worker's dreams have taken a turn for the worse. Feeling trapped, unable to talk about his experiences and unable to stop the near-nightly terrors, he wonders if he should reach out to the Princesses. It never occurs to him that these nightmares might be something more.
This is the final story of a trilogy. The first part is Order from Chaos, and the second is called Justice.

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