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There's a fine line between magic and technology. We must explore these together and then find union in knowing we all belong. Whether you are of this world or beyond. Everyone can be a friend. -Me

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Betazed, a lavish and beautiful world. Filled with singing waterfalls, lush fields, vibrant jungles, home to billions of people. All of that beauty, culture and history, and it could all come to an end.

Diplomacy is an endless game of chess. Faced with imminent destruction, the flagship of the federation has been summoned, but can this ship and its crew save the planet? Or will the home world of Deanna Troi be lost forever? With time running out, Picard may need to take chances, risks, and make a Knights Gambit.

Wow! Featured in four hours! Thank you soooo much!

I just saw that I forgot to give attribution to those who helped with this story, starting with Kitsy-Chan for helping the basic storyline and helping to make it into a 3 dimensional story, kalash for editing, and can't forget Hart's Fire, mocha, and so many others for input on this story as I started and continued it!

Art by Andrew Gavrilov

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Minuette has an imaginary friend. At least, that's what everypony else thinks.

When ten-year-old magic student Minuette comes into possession of an antique vanity mirror, she is surprised to discover there is a creature living inside: A bug pony with big fangs and glowing eyes. Most little foals would probably be scared of such a creature, but not Minuette. Armed with a cheerful smile, she decides to befriend the bug in her mirror and uncover the mystery behind his bewildering predicament.

It's just such a shame that nopony else can see him.

First Act Edited by Mister Hypothetical

Second act and on edited by Xanni & Brony2005

This story is part of 'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, whose other entries include The Bug in The Herd, The Bug in The Basement, and The Bug in The Cave. You do not need to read any of these previous stories to enjoy this one, as they are not directly connected.

Inspiration for this story comes directly from this fine individual right here.

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I'm am a human, or rather I was a human. I now live life rather comfortably as a young adolescent child In a totally different world, or as comfortably as I can with the body of a child and the mind of an adult. Though not one to nag my second chance at life, I'm making sure I live this one to the fullest.

Mega ultra super duper props to FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

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Rainbow Dash's morning was pretty much ruined.
She tripped getting out of bed and landed flat on her face, giving herself an aching muzzle.
She forgot to buy her favorite brand of hay flakes at the store yesterday and had to eat plain toast for breakfast.
She found out she had to pull double-duty today and tomorrow on the weather patrol.
Oh, and she found a nearly-dead foal, broken and bleeding at the edge of Ponyville.

The rest of her day became a whirlpool of stress and worry but the colt woke up, thank Celestia.
Something's not right, though. Nopony can find his parents, he's not in the registers, and there's an unsettling look in his eye...


Chinese Translation by forgivenlove

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Charlie, local human, has made a discovery about how things work around these parts as opposed to the home turf. Or at least has decided he's made a discovery.

Twilight happens upon him just as he's about to test this.

Lunch is involved.


Now with reading from Straight To The Point Studio

And also some guy who wrote it I guess.

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The appearance of a giant, glowing orb of energy in Washington D.C. puts the capital of the free world on high alert. Few expected aliens to emerge. None expected them to be horses. But, in retrospect, everyone should have expected them to not speak English.

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EDIT: #1 at the very end of 7/26/19! I’m so glad you all enjoyed!

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Now that I was living in Equestria, it was time to finally buy a new house. I’d settled on the charming little town of Haywards Heath, and found myself a decent house that just needed some work to spruce it up.

Or so I thought.

I might have gotten more than I bargained for.

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This story is a sequel to The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots!

Turing Test is a robot pony. She's also Equestria's Minister of Technology (it's a long story). She wants to bring ponies into the modern world, but it's an uphill battle against years of technophobia and prejudice among the Canterlot bureaucrats. But then she learns of the untold advanced technology in the world of humans and sets off on the ultimate field trip. Canterlot High just got a new exchange student...

Editors: Reese, GenerousGhibli, E3gner
Illustrations: Greenfinger

Chapters (8)

Jason's life has grown dull. While some may have thought that the weekly monster attacks might have kept him on his toes, he had grown to learn that as the norm around town. Now, after months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. He follows his usual routine every day: breakfast, a quick shower, followed by a quick walk to the park to read the newspaper. One morning, he finds two parents playing with their filly in the playground. As he watches, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own?

Featured on Equestria Daily

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Despite being a mere five years old, Princess Flurry Heart has already made it to founder and CEO of her own multinational company.

No, really.

Credit for the cover that has inspired this whole thing goes to Glimglam.

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