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Princess Celestia was going for an incognito stroll through the town in order to unwind from court, that was until she came across a small oddity of a shop called 'Cliff's Craft' on Elder Street.

So, she decided to pay Equestria's only resident human a visit.

[E] Means it has been professionally edited.

Mild violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Please note: In this story ponies (and others) are similar (anthropomorphic) to humans. Though ponies (for example) are generally shorter, have fur, magic, cutie/destiny marks, and the extra appendages like wings or horns.

Also shout outs to:
PurpleFloof for editting!
Dekaskittalz for proof reading!
Vongoalyken for the advice!

Chapters (10)

Twilight Sparkle always thought that friendship (and by association, magic) was the strongest force in the universe. But what happens when she finds something even stronger?

This story brought to you by my patreon supporter: Josephi Krakowski

Cover Art provided by the illustrious Mix-up (who is also open for commissions and always a great pleasure to work with)

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A human falls into a strange, underground land full of monsters, mayhem, and intrigue. Along the way, they find themselves faced with a choice: Befriend their foes, or eliminate all.

Dying is not an option.

[A parody of Undertale by Toby Fox, set in the MLP universe.]

Featured 11/9/2017!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to [Misplaced]

Jeremy has survived the nightmarish hell that was Tartarus, the prison of all deemed too evil to roam the surface world. He has broken the Harmony Barrier, freeing his four new friends from the prison, and they have escaped to live their lives on the surface. Happily ever after, right?

...Not really.

The game isn't over yet.

(Ask the characters questions here! Password is 'crystal'.)

Chapters (19)


My name is Seth Rogers. I'm a simple college student trying to get a degree so I can land a good job. However all of that goes out the metaphorical door when I encounter a strange man adorned in half-plate armor. Before I know it, I'm in an unknown land filled with ridiculous looking ponies colored every shade of the rainbow. Or all of them, in one case.
I want them to stay as far away from me as physically possible.

This is a Human in Equestria story with shounen elements. The twist is this: the main character, a bitter and troubled young man who doesn't believe in kindness or friendship, experiences the very same lessons that we have in the process of watching this incredible show. Can the ponies we all know and love help Seth become a better person?

Another thing that I must point out is that the show does not exist in the human world. Stay tuned, as character development is the goal of the whole story.

Book I: The New World: Chapters 1-7
Book II: The Meaning of Friendship: Chapters 8-19
Book III: To Canterlot: Chapters 20-33
Book IV: The Royal Wedding: Chapters 34-57
Book V: Forgotten Memories: Chapters 58-86
Book VI: The Return of the Crystal Empire: Chapters 87-End

There is now a Sequel: A Wilting Flower

Cover Art by https://chapaevv.deviantart.com/
Illustrations by icecapers
Edited by Castwing, Schadenponi, Brave-Hooves, Insidiaphilia, scaredofbs, ScootalooFTW, and Vayne Hellslinger

Feel free to come join us and keep up to date on all story news at https://discord.gg/YzuSAEC

Chapters (133)

This story is a sequel to The Monster of Canterlot

Peach Pit is a young earth pony that just joined the work force in Canterlot Castle. Unfortunately, she gets herself lost. Worse than that, she finds herself in the one place on the one day that nopony is allowed to be there. And she finds that she is not alone, for nopony is who she finds.

Oneshot based on The Monster of Canterlot.

Chapters (1)

I still can't believe it all started with a family camping trip gone wrong. One moment I was enjoying my time with my parents and brothers, then next thing I knew I was stranded on a world full of magic and mythological creatures. In one day, I went from worrying about the upcoming calculus test to worrying about my next meal. I remember how the only thing keeping me going was the hope that I might find a way home. Little did I know that some deities had other plans in store for me.

I remember all the promises I made, both those kept and betrayed. I remember the friends I made on my little adventure; the same friends I threw away when everything came crashing down. Oh, the memories I made... Oh, the memories I am now forever cursed to remember.

I suppose this is a just punishment. My only regret is that my friends may never hear my side of the story.

Set between Seasons 2 and 3 // Some deviations from canon post-season 2 due to when this was originally started.

Pre-read, Cover art, and Audio Reading provided by: Skijarama

Chapters (32)

This story is a story about Zak , Nick, and Aaron in Equestria. This is based on a popular TV show called Ghost Adventures. They are investigating a haunted mansion called De Lomburge in Georgia then somehow they teleport to Equestria and learn the meaning of friendship. They also become awesome bronies. This story is probably my biggest story yet. I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I will. If you guys don't like please be nice about it. You hurt my widdle feelings.

Chapters (1)