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For the last 16 years, the tomboyish teenager now going to Canterlot High named Rainbow Dash lived the life of an ordinary girl growing up in the suburbs of Canterlot City. Her daily worries were usually about if she could ever beat her rival Lightning Dust in the school's soccer games, whether she could ever get over the messy breakup she had with Gilda, or finally admit that she had a crush on her lifelong best friend Fluttershy.

However, one day, Twilight Sparkle, another close friend of hers, took Rainbow as well as their other friends to the place where she was interning at: CelestiaCorp, a highly successful science and development corporation founded by the one and only Miss Celestia and her sister Luna.

When Twilight was showing them around the place, Rainbow accidentally ended up being bitten by one of the mutated spiders that the company had experimented on, altering her physiology and giving her extraordinary new abilities.

But what will she do with these new powers? Will she just use them for her personal gain, or could the brash and arrogant Rainbow Dash actually learn what it truly means to be a hero? Would she ever understand that with great power, there must always be an even greater responsibility to go with it?

The answer to that question would need to be answered soon though...for in the shadows, a deadly new villain was ready to make her grand debut...

This is the story of how Rainbow Dash became the Awesome Spider-Girl.

Pairings: FlutterDash and Sunlight, with hints of a previous Gildash relationship, as well as several minor side-ships.

Link to my Deviantart gallery, where I keep all the pictures used in this story.

Also, here's a link to a TV Tropes page I've been working on for it. Could use some help with that one though.

Chapters (29)
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