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On another normal day in Canterlot High in 2019, the Humane 7 with their new friend Marty Mcfly have came across Dr. Emmet Brown of Dr. E,B, Enterprises as he introduced his time traveling Delorean he made back in 1985. He gave them a demonstration of how it works and what made time travel possible is the flux capacitor. But when they where attacked by a terrorist group, Marty and the girls ran for their lives and accidentally went back thirty years from 2019 to 1989. As they came across the Emmet Brown of 1989 they all must assert his help in order to get back to their time period and give him the warning of the terrorists before they return.

Back to the Future (c) Universal
MLP EG (c) Hasbro

Chapters (5)

My names Nathan Dailey me and my brother Thomas finally saved up enough money to go to TFcon, like Comic-Con, but only Transformers. After we both buy things from a guy we got sent to a version of the Equestria Girls universe. Me as Barricade from The Last Knight and my brother as Barricade from the 2007 movie.

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Ponytron is dying, Princess Sparkle decides the only way survive is to retreat from Ponytron and regroup, Rainbow dash is sent on this mission to a place called Earth, she is to build a base for the Autoponies. but a kulasepticon, disables dashes voice box, and with her memory disabled, a girl will have to help dash regain her thoughts, but how will the war play into this?

Set during 1987

Chapters (1)

This Story is a prequel to Uncovered
Bringing her bet cat home from the vet was always a hassle as Opal never liked visiting the vet and was always a cranky kitten after getting her check up. So it was no surprise that when she gets teased by annoying woodland creatures that she would get lost in a tree and then refuse to come down as Rarity yelled out to her. What is a posh little girl to do? Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood cowgirl is here!

My first Rarijack Fic! Like, comment follow and enjoy! ^_^

Chapters (1)

Tired from reoccurring nightmares, Sunset reluctantly enters a haunted house with her friends on Halloween night. The girls get split up, and Sunset ends up face to face with the person she used to be. Can she face the monster she sees in the mirror?

Chapters (1)

Zecora is known for speaking in rhyme. She decided to take advantage of that.

Not sure where I am going with this. Let's just see what happens.

Chapters (6)

Life just went downhill for Twilight. Her husband left her with her son Shining Armor, and an unborn child. However things soon change as she meets the most strangest thing ever. Suddenly she finds her and her son thrust into an age old war all while trying to protect their new friend from the military.


By popular demand(and by that I mean only one person voted, so thanks JD) here is the next story in my united stories! However, this is a prequel to what happens later in this universe.

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Sunset Shimmer's week has not been so great. An unknown cyber bully turns everyone, including her friends, against her. Some have even gone so far as to beat and kidnap her. Alone, weak, beaten, and at the mercy of a vengeful student, Sunset loses all hope. That's when she suddenly awakens a hidden power that she had inside of her. She decides to use this to help and protect other people and prove to herself that she is a better person, all while dealing with the hatred from her school. Enter The Phoenix!

Rated T for violence and profanity
This story will take place after Legend of Everfree so I'm predicting that you'll either love it or hate it :twilightsheepish: It's also probably not gonna focus too much on Anon-A-Miss. Maybe if this does good I'll do a sequel and bring down Anon-A-Miss in that one :raritywink:

Special thanks to my Discord buddies for helping me look over and edit this. BIG SPECIAL THANKS to Snowflake Dissonance for the AMAZING cover art. Really appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

My second story ever! Go easy on me >m<

*This story is NOT connected with Broken in any way other than Anon-A-Miss and the characters*

Chapters (2)

Wallflower only erased the memories of the humans at Canterlot High. She completely overlooked the animals. When Sunset Shimmer shows up at the beach and is shunned by her friends, Spike comes to her aid. With the help of the others who haven't forgotten about Sunset Shimmer, they'll need to get to solve the mystery of the missing memories.

(Totally not inspired by the TV continuation of Disney's "Aladdin". Especially not the episode called "Sandswitch".)

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(Equestria is not a earth in the muiltverse)

This Fanfiction is before shadow pony because I didn't want Starswirl lto be in it.

As you know the flash runs so fast he runs out the Muiltverse and into Equestria.

I might not make sense but it will sound good so don't worry and I don't know if this in season 4 of the flash so I'll have to think of something

I can think of anything of that right now so enjoy

(Don't worry I can work on this and Metal friendship so don't be scared and think that I gave up on it)

I don't know why I like starlight being the cause of it I guess it just feels right.

Chapters (9)
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