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I was a human... I didn't deserve it... The cold... The hatred.... These powers.... Theyre mine now... I will kill Celestia... And the rest of them for the pain...

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Vael and Sid is just a typical Dark Souls player, one was an average Casuals that just want to play the game while the other was a troll rage-inducing-level type of player that finishes the game at least once or twice. However, the two didn't expect to get thrown into their own (Chosen Undead) character into the worlds of MLP, as if that wasn't bad. Turns out they both were thrown to the bad old days of MLP, which is literally the beginning before Generation Four. Oh and also, it was during the Crystal War.

Isn't that was too generic for a fanfiction...? Well, for Vael case anyway.
(And perhaps a little from the author)

01/28/2019[10:00 UTC+07]: Decide to add Oscar as cover art

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Having been assigned a project about researching lost civilizations, and learning how friendship could have helped them survive, the Student Six try to find something unique. They find in the form of a sphere hologram projection, which tells about a different world that is plagued by ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants. A world where various factions fight for survival, and to rebuild the human race in their image. A world that is both harsh and dangerous where friendship and decent kindness are a rarity.

A World Of Fallout.

Thanks to Chaotic Note, Titanium Dragon, Black Hailstorm, and Anonymous for helping with this.

The Storyteller series belongs to ShoddyCast who I recommend you follow. I also suggest watching the series of the Storyteller if you are a Fallout Fan or want to get into the Fallout series which belongs to Bethesda.

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Given a unique perspective on negative emotion, less than a foal's knowledge of ordinary magic, a healthy schadenfreude, and danger bearing down on all sides, the self-proclaimed "Weiss Noir" makes no plans accounting for his death, and plans to keep it that way, even after being torn away from earth, turned into a unicorn, and dumped into one of the most inhospitable locations and times in all of Equestria.

Stranded in the Frozen North, a place where biting cold ends lives, and one thousand years in the past, in a time when peril is the norm, rather than the exception, Weiss decides to indulge in sorcery most foul, stolen ideas, and human ingenuity to survive.

Given the choice between a mad slaver and a mad sage, however, there is no avoiding an inevitable tide of ponies escaping the conquered Crystal Empire to bask in the warmth of his well-stoked hate. Something which draws attention, enemies, and most worryingly, the rivalry of his "peers".

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Sunset was devastated. It hurts, knowing what she's lost. Forced away from the only friends she's known, she feels like Anon-A-Miss has won. Somehow, she makes it home, and finds herself doing something she rarely does: watching television. Early in the morning hours, she's awoken by the sounds of a children's show with a man who wears a red cardigan.

Somehow, this soft spoken man reaches inside her and gives her peace with just eight words: "I Like You Just the Way You Are"


A tribute to a great man, and my own way of memorializing his life in one of my favorite shows. Like he said once, I may not be good at this, but I still enjoy it.

EDIT 6/3/19
Featured story! Thanks so much for this! You're all wonderful people, and it's you that I like.

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Equestria has been saved, and the space pirate menace is no more. Now all that is left for Samus is to wait for the federation diplomats, and enjoy her impromptu vacation. Provided no one touches her helmet.

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Cutie Marks are an everyday, but extremely important aspect of pony life. They showed a pony’s greatest skills and talents, interests and aspirations, some would go so far as to say that they allowed a glimpse at a pony’s very soul itself.

If you could interpret the darned things, that is. Something that, more often than not, was easier said than done, especially when one considers the myriad of ways even the simplest of symbols can be interpreted and analyzed, and the many, many meanings even the most basic of marks could have.

As such, upon making three strange new friends with very similar and unique-looking Cutie Marks, young Singing Blossom couldn’t help but wonder: What did their Cutie Marks mean?

This is a Canon-Compliant Omake for my story The Power of Freedom, meaning that basically what happens here happened off-screen in the main story.

In this, we see Singing finally getting her answer to the question she first tried to ask Ganondorf during chapter V, about what his Cutie Mark means.

Timeline wise this tale took place around chapters XI to XII of the main story.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured! 05/28/2021;05/29/2021; 05/30/2021

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"Knowing all you've seen through that man's eyes, all his powers all but forced him to do... would you still strive to all but become him?"

Knowing what I know now, and what creepy sense that strange peddler's words now make to me...

I'd still say hell yes, of course. Come on. Magic. That's like the best thing that ever happened to me.

Becoming enemy number one of a country with demi-gods at the top just because my snark has gone into overdrive? Not so much.

For the League of Humans Acting Villainous group. Edited by Ranakastrasz, newbiedoodle, and Xanathar.

Will contain spoilers for the whole of The Dresden Files up to Cold Days, but can be read without knowledge of the series.

Thanks to the Dresden files wiki for making this easier and everybody that's made this bandwagon worth jumping onto.

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Mr Howtobasic doesn't understand. One moment, he was teaching people how to do things in the correct manner, and the next, he's here in Equestria. Well, at least there are eggs around.

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A take on Humans Acting Villainously: Celestia has won, the barrier and conversion bureaus have wiped away everything humanity had and was.
But uneasy rests the tyrant's crown.
The Newfoals remember legends of things that go bump in the night, and they have decided that now even Celestia must know and fear them too. That there are beings to give even Luna nightmares.
Celestia is merely a Princess, and he is the King.

Yeah! Featured 8/7/14, 8/11/14, 8/12/14, 8/14/14 and 8/21/16. Thank you all.

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