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A meteor that lands out in the fields of Sweet Apple Acres, brings forth a slimy little creature, whom Applebloom quickly befriends.

However, what starts out as a cute little pet, soon grows into a big, big problem for Applebloom, her family, and soon...Ponyville!

*Story contains Goo/Slime, Growth, Expansion, Destruction, and Emotion*

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Pinkie Pie, Ponyville's official party planner, and the happiest pony in the world, friends with everypony, you'd think she never had her moments of sadness and sorrow. How wrong you'd be to think that.

Five years ago, back on the rock farm, she finds a cave on one of her little trips on the edge of the farm, and inside she finds a lonely pony. Having discovered that her special talent was to make ponies happy, she approaches her and soon, Pinkie and this other pony become friends. However, this pony is not really a pony... well, not completely.

After an incident that scarred Pinkie since then, she moves to Ponyville to live her own life and meet more ponies to have fun with, hiding a troubled past deep under her happy facade. But what happens when said past resurfaces after so many years? Will the Element of Laughter be able to fix it, or will she turn her back on it and keep the grudge she has against it?

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Twilight finds a new potion that transforms her into a lamia. Not wanting to waste this opportunity for scientific advancement, she invites Fluttershy, animal expert to help her in her new form. Things get a little freaky when Twilight discovers that she has the power to mind control other ponies, things get intimate as Fluttershy and Twilight go on a magical journey filled with wonder and self-discovery.

Oh who am I kidding?

It's a shameless hypnofic that will disgust you if you don't share the fetish and get your rocks off if you do.

Chapters (3)

Fluttershy has seen and learned about many different types of animals. At the same time, there were many she didn't know. Now she would discover one of those creatures she's never seen.

Actually, it was probably a creature nopony's ever seen. It looked like a pony, but to Fluttershy, behaved like an animal. After all, she felt the same joy around it that she felt with all her critters. But what was it?

And most importantly, why was Rainbow Dash that creature?

Warning: Will contain animal-like Pet-Play and Tatzl-swallowings.

Vector by 'arifproject'.

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Pinkie Pie turned herself into a Lamia and wanted to celebrate this with her friend Twilight Sparkle, in a very "special" way. Twilight will soon find out, that snakes aren't really that creepy and that they can be quite eye catching.

Sorry guys. This is my first time that i post here and i really suck at descriptions. This was originally an RP i did a few months ago, with Mightyshockwave and i thought i post it here. It's one of those shameless hypnofics and since i and Shockwave have no standards, we're probably the only people that like this story.

Joking aside, have fun. Comments are appreciated

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Poor Trixie can't get a break. In between stops on her Humble and Penitent Equestrian Apology Tour, her cart breaks down in the middle of a dangerous forest. Unfortunately for her, she is happened upon by a petulant python that seems to have a love for magic tricks. However, the giant snake has a few 'tricks' of her own, which she's happy to show to Trixie. In "teaching" Trixie, the snake begins to make some rather odd suggestions, that Trixie seems to weirdly agree with. What dastardly plan could this serpent possibly be hatching?

Cover image used with permission. Source : http://lunahazacookie.deviantart.com/art/Lost-Magician-618361196

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It was a semi-normal day as Twilight was mapping out the Everfree forest. She didn't know why, but she doesn't care. She told Spike to leave when she might get hurt, but she didn't care. Until see comes upon a magic cave that will charge her life forever. Now she wants to share her new found power with her friends.

Takes place right after games ponies play.

Chapters (18)

What happens when an Timber wolf goes to Ponyville for an new start on life........how will the Ponies take it when one of the most feared monsters of the Everfree enters their town for the purpose of living among them? Even worse what will happen to the little town of Ponyville when somepony starts to fall for the Wolf in Wood!

Oh boy I need an hard drink

The cover art is what I believe to be what the Timber wolves should look like
Now enhanced with artwork by _vidz_

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