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For Doctor Twilight Sparkle, life at Canterlot National Hospital was pretty good. She'd struck up a bond with the director and even had enough time to publish a paper or two. There's only one thing she needs to advance even further: better bedside manner.
For these reasons, Doctor Celestia carts her off to a tiny Ponyville practice. Now, Twilight must find a way to both cure and tolerate the village idiots--and try to convince a certain high-strung healer that she's not after her job.

Because "grumpy doctor Twilight" practically writes itself. Art by Punk-Pegasus

Chapters (19)

Equestria has been released from Tirek's control, but victory has come with a cost. Unlike her friends, Fluttershy has been mysteriously ill ever since unlocking her key to the chest, and everypony has gathered at her house to tend to her. However, one night, Discord witnesses her undergoing a shocking transformation that has even him confused. He's willing to just shrug it off, however, until the rest of her friends discover it and tell him that what he has just witnessed is no laughing matter, but rather something that could change everything. If the issue is not contained, Equestria could be in jeopardy only mere weeks after it was last threatened. Caught in a whirlwind of drama and questions, only one thing seems true: another villain has outconned even Discord.

And he doesn't like that one bit.

NOTE: Don't read the character list until after you read Part One unless you want spoilers. ;)

Chapters (3)

Mare-Do-Well is captured. Canterlot has gathered to witness her end. What will come of this one lone filly's last stand?

1000 years ago the valiant and most holy god, lord Ahuizotl, vanquished the tyrant Nightmare Moon and the pony scourge of her 1000 armies of Equestria and delivered Equus from the eternal darkness. In his infinite generosity he saw fit to give Equus the light of the sun and to come down from his celestial throne to establish his most divine Empire of Talicon, to spread peace and order throughout Equus. His chosen people, the Felis, were returned to their rightful place as peacekeepers of the realm. In his infinite mercy he allowed the Gryphons, Minotaurs, and even the sinners, the unworthy ponies, their place in his utopia.

1000 years have passed since. The blighted, cursed ponies, the bringers of calamity, continue to live with their heads hung low, harnessed and blinkered, in service of the greater good. But a strange new affliction spreads amongst them. Mysterious markings appear on their flanks. Most call it a curse, the sign of the twin devils of Nightmare Moon and Celestia. But a few embrace it as a gift. They call themselves the 'Cutie Mark Crusaders', lead by the seemingly immortal hero, Mare-Do-Well.

This is the story of one Cutie Mark Crusader, and how her end became the beginning of many.

One-Shot. Written to the tune of 'Heroes' by the Aviators

Cover Art: I didn't even know Awesome came in this flavour. Kindly provided by FenrisianBrony

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"No, uh, that's my name. I've got better pickup lines." - Warm Hug, the Crystal Pony/Windigo -

Windigos, the frost spirits of Hearthswarming legends fame, are Equestria's secret peacekeepers tasked with preventing war at all costs, freezing any who dare threaten peace and harmony. Crystal Ponies, on the other hoof, are peacekeepers tasked with spreading Hope and Love through the Crystal Heart. They are one and the same, two sides of the same coin - Windigos in war time, Crystal Ponies in peace time. 'Frostfires', Starswirl once called them - ponies who grow cold in hate, who become warm in Love. With Equestria finally at peace Windigos are few and far between. It had been centuries since the Crystal Empire was last led by a Frostfire Emperor.

Warm Hug is a young blank flank crystal pony, seemingly incapable of the happiness and love required of his kind. Shunned by his kinsman, he spent years wandering. That was until Tirek's invasion of Canterlot forged an unexpected friendship between him and the unlikeliest band of friends.

But their friendship would be sorely tested when an apocalyptic snowstorm strikes all of Equestria and freezes the entire surface world. With Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence frozen solid and Warm Hug accused of high treason, will their Fire of Friendship light the way or will they fall prey to the frost consuming their world? With the world once again in turmoil, never have the Windigo peacekeepers been more loathed yet needed.

WARNING: Season 4 Finale Spoilers.

Now has a prequel - A First Hearthswarming's Tale - the story of Clover the Clever and the Windigo.

Written to the sound of pretty much the entirety of Socratic Brony's Upload List. This guy's music is simply amazing.

Cover Art: Did you know that crystal ponies are difficult to colour? Neither did I. Now I do. All them sparkles. So many sparkles.

Chapters (2)

Luna has been losing her mind for a full year. Ever since she had been imprisoned in the Equestria Mental Asylum for the Psychologically deranged. That is, until one night. When Equestria is need for the end of a long battle. When tyranny must be over thrown. When the elements of harmony are not strong enough. When Harmony is Disharmony. Old enemies become new allies in the beginning of a war set into motion millions of years before. Now, every pony must strive to freedom. To hope. To Glory.

READERS!!- I probably shoulda made this more clear earlier, but I'm doing this now: I'm still writing, but I'm also trying to brutally edit this story. I need to fix the "tense" changes throughout it, and the usual grammar. I'm not gonna say when to expect a new chapter, cause I probably won't have it done by then. Just how it works. Just bear with me for another two week or more!!

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The Ponyspawn have invaded Equestria, and it is up to the newest addition to the Grey Wardens, Twilight Sparkle, to find the means to drive them back! With her friends and allies at her side, can Twilight defeat the evil tide before all of Equestria is devoured?

The Sequel, Pony Age: Catalyst, is available.

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Captain Rainbow Dash is in BIG trouble. 13 years ago she made a deal with the ghostly Dragon Ruler of The Ocean Depths Spike Jones to raise the Black Pearl from the depths. Now her time is up and so she must now serve on Jones' crew or be sent to Spike Jones' Locker, courtesy of the kraken. The only way out is for her to seize the fabled Dead Stalliion's Chest and use it as leverage against Spike. Meanwhile, relcutant swashbuckler Shining Armor and his fiancee Cadence Mi Amore face a death sentence for freeing Rainbow a year earlier unless Shining Armor can find Rainbow and convince her to return to Port Royal. Based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Edited by:
Also avalible on my Fanfiction.net account (note: it is possible that for two chapters on fanfiction.net that are updated will become one chapter on fimfiction.net): Fanfiction.net version
EDIT 5/15/14: As of today, all characters will become anthromorphs, since fingers are easier to work with. Secondly, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are to be replaced with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, since I realized "Under what circumstances would Rarity and Pinkie become part of Gilda's crew?"

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One month. 31 days. 31 days from the time Princess Rarity Belle had been ponynapped until her safe return by Twilight Sparkle and her fellow paladins. After days of fighting, sweating, and bleeding, after what was practically considered to be a miniature war, Twilight and her Princess have returned home at last. And even in the most unlikely of times, love manages to bloom.

Cover image by A4R91N. Subject to change if I ever decide to actually commission my sister for some art. Also, just kind of ignore the wings. It was the only picture I could find that fit the story without that even being my intention.

Chapters (2)

Where peace and harmony were once plentiful in the lands of Equestria, darkness now spreads throughout. Vile creatures stalk the fields and forests, insidious shadows creep among the towns and cities, and the Pillars of the kingdom seem lost.

The villainous Shadow Pony gains more ground with the passing of time, the resistance groups in all corners of Equestria are barely holding out. The fate of all Equestrians lies in the hooves of two mares, their meeting of chance but the first step towards a greater destiny.


Yeah I'm gonna try my hand at an epic adventure medieval AU story thing. Hopefully it'll come out as awesome as I hope it will.

Gone over by Dainn (also helped with the title, thanks dude!), Uria, and River Road.

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On the day of Nightmare Moon's return, she ponynapped one of Celestia's royal guards for interrogation. However, she might be getting more information than she wanted to know.


Credit for cover art goes to ZantyARZ

So I thought of this after remembering a very funny skit from "A Bit of Fry and Laurie." I thought it would be funny if I did the same skit, but with Nightmare Moon and a Royal Guard.

This is also sort of an apology for not finishing "Princess Luna Received a Love Letter." So I hope you all enjoy this one!

Featured 02/13/2018!!! Thank you!!!

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