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Appearance is everything, especially when you're a Wonderbolt. When you live your life in the spotlight, showing vulnerability will not do. There can be no cracks in your foundation, at least that's how it feels. But learning to bring those walls down can lead to surprising, wonderful revelations—even in the intensive care ward.

For some ponies, like Captain Spitfire, something needs to shake the foundations to bring the walls tumbling down. Then, with some help from the right pony, you can be led from the rubble.

Even if you fall head-over-hooves along the way.

Preread by Carabutt and Jondor.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

An ongoing gift for auramane. Send him some love!

Chapters (17)

Pinkie can tell if ponies are lying by staring at their flanks, and because of this, assumes herself to be an embodiment of justice. She sets off into town to do good, with Twilight to prevent precisely that.

A crack!fic.

Edited by the fantastic abronie.

Art by ShoutingIsFun.

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For Doctor Twilight Sparkle, life at Canterlot National Hospital was pretty good. She'd struck up a bond with the director and even had enough time to publish a paper or two. There's only one thing she needs to advance even further: better bedside manner.
For these reasons, Doctor Celestia carts her off to a tiny Ponyville practice. Now, Twilight must find a way to both cure and tolerate the village idiots--and try to convince a certain high-strung healer that she's not after her job.

Because "grumpy doctor Twilight" practically writes itself. Art by Punk-Pegasus

Chapters (19)

Equestria has been released from Tirek's control, but victory has come with a cost. Unlike her friends, Fluttershy has been mysteriously ill ever since unlocking her key to the chest, and everypony has gathered at her house to tend to her. However, one night, Discord witnesses her undergoing a shocking transformation that has even him confused. He's willing to just shrug it off, however, until the rest of her friends discover it and tell him that what he has just witnessed is no laughing matter, but rather something that could change everything. If the issue is not contained, Equestria could be in jeopardy only mere weeks after it was last threatened. Caught in a whirlwind of drama and questions, only one thing seems true: another villain has outconned even Discord.

And he doesn't like that one bit.

NOTE: Don't read the character list until after you read Part One unless you want spoilers. ;)

Chapters (3)

Pinkie loves Rainbow. Pinkie tries to kill Rainbow. Pinkie finds she's not the only one who's crazy.

Psychopaths don't like to share the fact they're psychopaths—besides with the victims locked up in their basement. Pinkie is one of those psychopaths, only she has a victim instead of victims, the one and only Rainbow Dash. Every attempt on her life has been avoided and unnoticed.

Pinkie doesn't mind this game of cat and mouse, and if she didn't know better, she might suspect the same being true for Rainbow. With every attempt, Pinkie gains clarity on her feelings for the pegasus, before finding out the truth.

Apparently, Pinkie isn't the only one who's crazy.

Inspired by this video.

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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."—William Shakespeare.

This story is about the latter. Alan Williams, a man trying to take a peaceful camping trip, finds himself in Equestria. Forcing to accept the idea that the show he has watched is not, in fact, fictional has taken a massive toll on his brain, torn as he is between the awesomeness of the situation as well as it's absurdity. What's worse, it seems he is not the first human to be teleported to Equestria, and now he has some big shoes to fill.

Greatness follows.

[...]To those just finding this 'un, ya found genuine gem. Keep your heads inside the respective chapter-comments. Watch out for spoilers. Buckle your seatbelt, fillies and gentlecolts. It's gonna be a wild ride.--Runcible Spoon

Approved by Twilight's Library

Book 1 of the Harmony for All Trilogy

Chapters (35)

Luna has been losing her mind for a full year. Ever since she had been imprisoned in the Equestria Mental Asylum for the Psychologically deranged. That is, until one night. When Equestria is need for the end of a long battle. When tyranny must be over thrown. When the elements of harmony are not strong enough. When Harmony is Disharmony. Old enemies become new allies in the beginning of a war set into motion millions of years before. Now, every pony must strive to freedom. To hope. To Glory.

READERS!!- I probably shoulda made this more clear earlier, but I'm doing this now: I'm still writing, but I'm also trying to brutally edit this story. I need to fix the "tense" changes throughout it, and the usual grammar. I'm not gonna say when to expect a new chapter, cause I probably won't have it done by then. Just how it works. Just bear with me for another two week or more!!

Chapters (6)

One month. 31 days. 31 days from the time Princess Rarity Belle had been ponynapped until her safe return by Twilight Sparkle and her fellow paladins. After days of fighting, sweating, and bleeding, after what was practically considered to be a miniature war, Twilight and her Princess have returned home at last. And even in the most unlikely of times, love manages to bloom.

Cover image by A4R91N. Subject to change if I ever decide to actually commission my sister for some art. Also, just kind of ignore the wings. It was the only picture I could find that fit the story without that even being my intention.

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It's been a week since the defeat of the Storm King, and Tempest Shadow has been working hard to earn herself a good name. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when most ponies aren't willing to give you a chance. Luckily for her, she has Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, on her side for when things get rough.

Tonight, however, things are going to change.

Sex tag for brief mentions, but no actual clop.

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Contains spoilers for the movie.
You have been warned, interlopers.
Featured 10/17/2017

Following the events of the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot, peace returns to Equestria. Apologetic and disheartened from their failed offense, all of the shattered king's servants and soldiers collect themselves, pack their things up and return to their homeland from whence they came.

All except one.

The unicorn mare, who formerly called herself commander of the Storm King's army, decides to stay with the people she had once abandoned so very long ago. And with this decision, she finds not only forgiveness, friendship and long-lost belonging, but something more. And that something lays in someone who not only showed her all these things, but forever changed her life for the better.

However, just as the dust begins to settle, it seems as though a tremendous, if subtle problem starts to loom over Canterlot no sooner than had it averted disaster...

Chapters (2)