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Fluttershy was in the library looking for references for a paper when she saw an out of place notebook shoved into the back. She opened it and as she read her heart grew heavier with fear. In this notebook, she finds the words of a former bully. Prequel to Sunsets on Sonata.

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Wallflower only erased the memories of the humans at Canterlot High. She completely overlooked the animals. When Sunset Shimmer shows up at the beach and is shunned by her friends, Spike comes to her aid. With the help of the others who haven't forgotten about Sunset Shimmer, they'll need to get to solve the mystery of the missing memories.

(Totally not inspired by the TV continuation of Disney's "Aladdin". Especially not the episode called "Sandswitch".)

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Discord is bored.  What to do, what to do?

How about creating a new village, just to confuse the poor Ponies and Humans passing by?  No harm done, just erecting a few seemingly normal buildings in the form of a village.

Where to place a new village?  In the past and close by, so you can see what happens.

With Fluttershy in mind, the village is going to have Cottages, just like hers.

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Sunset Shimmer has just graduated from Canterlot High School, and while that would normally be cause for celebration, it fills her only with a nameless dread as her friends begin to scatter to the winds to pursue their futures. With the latent magic of the human world contained and categorized and the Rainboom's idyllic days of schoolwork over, she finds herself without aim and listless, as though something important is missing from her life.

Fortunately for her, Princess Twilight Sparkle might know what ails her.
So. First time posting on the site after a VERY long period of lurking and reading and enjoying the tales this fandom can produce. To my surprise, I found a dearth of a certain subset of story that I wanted to read, and so I have done this, to put my thoughts to words. After all, it is said that one should write the story they want to read, yes? I've been inspired by a variety of stories like it that came before, and I hope to equal their quality.

I'll try to update roughly once every couple of weeks; please be patient with me and I hope you give this tale a once-over. Pre-emptively tagging with AU, that I might diverge freely from what may come if needed.

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"I'm not the best at putting my feelings into words... Meet me on the roof after school. I need to tell you something. If I don't, I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

"Please don't leave me waiting..."

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A villain twice defeated returns again, this time building power through stealing magic. Can Twilight resist the temptation of forbidden power?

Alternate ending to "EqG: Friendship Games"; Kamen Rider Gaim crossover, Henshin One-Shot. Indented View format suggested for best experience.

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Lavender Bliss thought that her friendship with Sunset Shimmer would last forever. But a car accident takes her friend away and she falls into a state of depression and resents friendship.

But when she goes to her new school, Canterlot High, she comes face to face with her dead friend. Except.. This is someone else entirely. This is not her Sunset Shimmer. She is so different in how she acts and how she treats Lavender. Soon she is taken into a world where another world exists, where she may actually consider friendship again.

But friendship only ends in pain and suffering. It is not magical, it is not something that lasts forever. Not ever this Sunset Shimmer can convince her that friendship is worthwhile.

This story was edited by The Fairy Editor and Nonagon.

This story takes place after The Friendship Games and I thought of it while watching Sci-Twi and Twilight Sparkle at that last scene.

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"What is your favorite Fairy Tale?"

This is the story of Sunset shimmer, the story of magic and fairy tales, of fate and destiny. This is a story of love, heroism, and adventure.

Set in an alternate timeline before the Friendship Games, before ever meeting Sci-Twi, Sunset Shimmer ponders what has become of her princess friend in a world that has long since frogotten magic. With her final days of school approaching, she ponders what lies beyond the little school that she has come to love and protect.

What comes next for her, is a world of sorcery and souls, eternally retold.

A crossover with Mario, RWBY, and the world of Starfleet Humans. And one other, but that is a spoiler.

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Rainbow Dash has always been an incredible fighter, the best in Canterlot High and the region, but when a new student shows up, she struggles to keep the title. Even more surprising, however, is that the student is a boy.
Anonymous is different than every guy Dash has ever met. Strong, confident, and more than capable of handling himself, it's no wonder Canterlot High's star athlete has taken an interest in him. When he shows her just how strong he is, however, it shakes Rainbow Dash to her very core.
With a desire to reclaim her title, Dash throws everything she has into defeating Anon, wanting to prove her strength and earn Anon's respect. Yes, his respect, and nothing more...

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Vice-Principal Luna is asked to investigate the student who has been at the center of all of the recent issues at CHS - Sunset Shimmer.

Rated TEEN

This fic will deal with some hefty issues such as: Mental Illness, relationships, poor choices, and how two damaged souls navigate the waters.

I wanted to keep the teen rating on this, mostly because while there won't be any explicit content, it WILL deal with some heavy emotional trauma, and I don't think that hiding that behind a "mature" tag will do anyone a service.

You have been warned.

Cover Art by the AMAZING Maddymoiselle

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