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When a daddy Unicorn and a mommy Alicorn get together and love each other very much, they get a rambunctious little Flurry Heart. When a daddy Siren and a mommy Windigo get together and love each other very much they get...a very lonely creature. But maybe Flurry can change that.

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The desire to sail was in Fancypants' blood. His father spent more time on the ocean than on land and his best memories as a colt were on his father's yacht. With the recent boom of ships able to sail through the air, Fancypants wasted no time in purchasing two or three and taking them on a trip past Equestria's shores.

During one voyage, severe weather strikes, and Fancypants is thrown overboard in a terrible accident. Expecting to drown in the cold waters, he is saved by a rather exotic creature.

But by gum, she is gorgeous...

Written for Robipony

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This is a Fallout Equestria (primarily) and Terminator crossover.

As the war between Equestria and the zebras pressed on, many members of the Ministries conceived of desperate strategies to end it through magical and technological creations of questionable nature. One of these was Project Infiltrator, a top secret project of the Ministry of Awesome. It's goal: to create a super spy that was the perfect blend of pony and machine. But just as its first subject was ready, the megaspells dropped, destroying Equestria and creating the Wasteland.

190 years later, Crystal Eclair awakens in a world of ruin and violence, completely clueless as to what happened to Equestria and herself. Her confusion grows into horror as she discovers that she is no longer a pony, but now a cybernetic zebra. With no other choice left, she sets out to find answers to her predicament. How will she handle the truth if she finds it? Will she find friends who can help her in a world that trusts no one? And what if those who have done this to her are still out there, eager for her to serve a new sinister purpose?

PS. This is not a Prequel to Broken Steel despite what a couple of websites that link back to this story say.

(Chapters 1 to 12 Edited by Alycorn~(CF), New Editor Double R Forrest. New description credit to Double R Forrest )

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Twilight wanted to teach Ember pony customs. Instead, she learned about unicorns, dragon eggs... and Ember’s mother.

Special thanks to ChappedPenguinLips for editing.

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This story is a sequel to Memoirs of a Royal Guard

From the outside looking in, life has never been better for Silent Knight. He is the first pony in a long line of Royal Guard ancestry to earn a commission, he has a loving mare by his side, and he bears the kingdom’s highest honor for bravely risking it all to protect Princess Luna. The future shines bright with potential, but the shadows of the past lurk at every twist and turn that lies ahead.

Guilt, anger, and regret are constantly at war in the depths of Silent Knight’s mind. Despite his best efforts to enjoy the life he has, he finds himself trapped in the past, reliving the moment when his unit was ambushed and his ponies were killed. He refuses to show any weakness, instead hiding everything behind a tough face to protect himself and those he loves. But his true feelings—and what he plans to do with them—shackle everything he holds dear with chains forged in secret.

Secrets of a Royal Guard is a comedy series with romantic, dramatic, and adventure elements. It features an original character cast and their interactions with the princesses they protect. It is recommended that readers be familiar with Memoirs of a Royal Guard.

Quill & Blade Universe

Chapters (56)

This story is a sequel to Secrets of a Royal Guard

Duty, honor, and loyalty above all else. That was what Silent Knight had been told ever since he was a colt. They had guided him all his life and he was more than ready to follow in his father’s hoofsteps by dedicating himself to the Royal Guard. Then he discovered something else he had never expected: friendship and love. He learned that he owed these values not just to his job, but to his wife, his friends, and his family. Unfortunately, he learned that too late.

War has broken out between the gryphon kingdoms and Equestria is stuck in the thick of it trying to protect their ally, Nordanver. As Silent marches off to war, he must contend with the guilt that battles within him. He played right into the claws of Sudramoar's sovereign, and now he must leave his newlywed wife behind so that he can pay the price for his foolish actions.

Knowledge of the Quill & Blade AU is recommended to understand this story. It is a direct sequel to Secrets of a Royal Guard.

Chapters (65)

Everypony has a story. Some tell of heroic feats and grand adventure. Others tell of villainy against the forces of Harmony. The story of an average guard, however, is one of obscurity. They live in the background, unnoticed but ever-present.

Silent Knight assumed his tale would be like that of his father's: join the Royal Guard and serve Equestria. He would be just another helmet and spear, part of the rank and file. And that was all he ever wanted.

However, when Captain Shining Armor asked for volunteers to form a House Guard for the recently returned Princess Luna, it was Silent's hooves that stepped forwards to set his new life in motion.

Chapters (56)

[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives] [Equisverse Era 1]

(Gore tag is for descriptive combat scenes.)

Many years after the changeling attack on Canterlot, in a land far from Equestria, Chrysalis Swarm returned to it’s former strength. The swarm of vicious bandits cut a swath across the land with twice the cruelty of the time before their defeat. Countless cities, towns, and even other changeling hives fell to their cruelty and lust for power.

Amongst them was the Diamond Hive, a peaceful people of ancient and storied past. The only survivor of her people’s slaughter is a young changeling scout named Jade. With nothing save a satchel of emotion-charged stones, her mother’s sword, and a map in the form of a riddle, Jade must now journey to the one place Chrysalis's was unable to terrorize, Equestria.

The Kingdom of Equestria, a place thought to be nothing more than myth. A place where the streets are made from gold, for the very sun and moon make it their home. Only there can safety be assured, and only there can a changeling find enough love to enter her final stage of development, become a queen, and ensure her people survive once more.

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For my fan’s convenience: This story takes place in an alternate timeline of the Equisverse. No storyline beyond that of The Bridesmaids, Horseshoes, and Dinner at Ravenloft happens or will happen in this timeline. However, some world events, elements of the setting, and concepts from other works of mine apply, but this only pertains to concepts such as thaumaturgic current. This is the more “serious” timeline.

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This story is a sequel to Drop of Moonshine

Sequel to Drop of Moonshine -

Applejack receives an order from Princess Celestia, for a batch of cider prepared with a very special recipe that involves honey, yeast, and time. She's even invited to taste the special cider when it's ready. But, when Rainbow Dash finds out about the special tasting, the three mares soon have a little too much to drink. What shenanigans will unfold and how will Twilight keep a lid on things this time?

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