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Princess Celestia has a problem. Or perhaps it's Twilight Sparkle that has one.

Every few weeks, an intoxicated Twilight Sparkle will randomly teleport into Celestia's castle in search of snacks or simply for a place to crash.

So what could this all have to do with Celestia in particular?

Now with a reading! HERE!

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A fellow pony notices that Princess Luna may have a serious problem: there is a small, sentient race inside her mane and they have been living there for quite some time. Luna must decide what to do about this.

A random short story I made to help bring the smiles.

--You will most likely enjoy this story if you also like:--
Luna freaking out
Celestia being totally chill
Sea ponies!
Explosions taking place inside people's hair
Entire wars taking place inside people's hair
Absurd and Absolutely Delicious Comedy
If you liked Mic the Microphone's Audio Version of this story:

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Hi, my name's Nightingale and I think my Mommy's the best Mommy in the world. She doesn't just have one face, but many. And she always saves the very best face just for me.

Mommy has a great big list of ponies that hurt her before she adopted me. I really hope she gets to meet them all again. To make them apologize.

Artwork by LaurenMagpie.

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Horns are a dangerous weapon. You can't just wave it around and use it willy-nilly. You need to be careful. You must use your horn safely. Anon goes on a journey to ensure that horns in Ponyville are properly protected.

Written for The Barcast

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&q=flutterpriest

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For as long as the citizens of Ponyville had been graced with the presence of the apelien menace known as "Humans" they have wondered why they bothered wearing clothes. Today they learn.

A stupid idea that I had a couple of days ago. Thanks to Ephemeral and various Anons for editing.

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In the best case scenario, diplomacy is a long, complicated, and often frustrating undertaking. This is not the best case scenario.

Picture is from silfoe

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Celestia thought that the next two weeks were going to be a nice get together with her niece and her sister, no irritating nobles, no magical end of the world nonsense, and most importantly, no Blueblood.

She did NOT expect a weird creature calling itself the Cuddle Bandit harassing her. Now Luna's in love and Cadence can't stop laughing.

.... Why can't her vacations ever be normal?

Thanks to Tstyson, MasterFrasca99, Astrocity, and Procket12 for all of the stuff they did.

A watchmen-ish silly fic by a silly, silly author. If your looking for a story with a plot or one that is well-written then read this one.

And nope, I'm not being sarcastic....

No, really...

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100-1500 word mini fics about the love between Twilight and Chrysalis. Forced or consensual. Prepare yourselves!

Like our sister's Twiluna and Twilestia, and of course Twidance individual authors are linked at the top of their prompt.

Interested? Join us! Click here to contribute to this story.

Rated Teen for possible well... Everything.

Side story located here!

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The Princesses have invited you to Canterlot to spend some time with them before the big holiday of Hearth's Warming Eve. You have enjoyed your time, but it really is time to be getting back to Ponyville. Then again, what sort of hosts would Celestia and Luna be if they let you, the only human in Equestria, just LEAVE in this cold weather!?

The first story of my December Christmas Carol writing project: this fanfiction is based off of the carol 'Baby, it's Cold Outside!'

Cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Featured 12/4/17!
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EDIT: Now with a Russian Translation (Русский Перевод) by Magyetash!

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