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Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption.
Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood?
Can his daughter survive the life of royalty?
Can the royal coffers endure the doting of three zealous aunts?

Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

Originally written by Crystal Moose and edited by me, I have officially adopted the story and continued where he left off. (Shahrazad has taken over the position of Editor, while Crystal Moose has stayed on as a consulting co-author). See here for details.

*Note*: [Sex] tag added for the use of innuendo and mention of the topic in later chapters. No 'on-screen' content included.

Cover art by EZTP (Featured on Equestria Daily! [#3])
Additional supplemental art provided by MelonDraws, spokenmind93, EZTP, and EifieChan, with more to come in the future.
Story itself also featured on Equestria Daily!

This story's update schedule is incredibly sporadic, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, I will not let this story die.


Chapters (53)

This story is a sequel to The Fallen Age

Long ago, before the rise of Equestria, long before the Three Tribes Era even, Equus grew and prospered under the rule of the seemingly immortal Empress Cosmos. For two thousand years, she and her five Exarchs guided the many races of the world into a better future.

And then, she vanished, and her name and all she had done was forgotten.

Ten thousand years have passed since that night. Her Exarchs have not been seen in millennia, and the few who do know of that time think they died long ago.

The civilization she helped create is now forgotten by most, destroyed in a war born of xenophobia. One that heralded the rise of the Three Tribes Era.

But now signs have begun to appear. A long-forgotten prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The once and future ruler of all Equus is about to be reborn.

But what does this have to do with Twilight Sparkle and the five new ponies who have just arrived in Ponyville?

Chapters (21)

Applebloom makes a terrifying descovery that she is pregnant. How will she tell her family and friends about it? And, what will she do?

Chapters (9)

Twilight, in an effort to help Applejack and Rainbow Dash achieve their dream of having a foal together, casts a spell that, unbeknownst to the princess, envelops all of Ponyville and plunges the little ponies (and one dragon) into a vortex of unknown genetic exchange and unplanned parenthood. What's more, the solution may come with severe complications of its own, and thus Twilight finds herself tasked with finding a resolution where there is likely none to be had.

Editing and cover art by Bico.

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis expected a few things to come out of her failed invasion. New enemies, cuts, bruises. But she really wasn't expecting to be expecting. Worst yet, the father of her unborn isn't a he, but a she who just so happens to be the Princess of Equestria.

Cover art by Lopoddity here
Nothing to do with her verse and next gen, picture just somewhat fit

Chapters (11)

Princess Celestia has finally decided to introduce her two prized pupils to each other, hoping that together they'll finally start to appreciate the beauty and magic of friendship. Sunset may be proud and brash, and Twilight might be obsessive and oblivious at times, but surely they'll get along fine, right?

They'll go above and beyond that in time, but the road they'll take to get there is a rocky one.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons

Cover art by Novel-Idea
Original Sunset and Twilight image by Sikander-MLP

Featured on September 1, 2017!

Updated 10/27/17: Minor edits to existing chapters; 3 new chapters added (Reconciliation, The Twilight Zone, Sowing Seeds)
Updated 11/27/17: Cover art added!

Chapters (8)

A year after his defeat by the Mane Six, Discord finds himself able to use a bit of chaos energy. However, he isn't able to free himself, so he decides to get revenge on the ponies who trapped him. This is the story of how the girls deal with Discord's revenge scheme, which also means adjusting to something none of them ever expected having to deal with: truly single motherhood.

Chapters (18)

When Twilight becomes determined to unravel the mystery of how poison joke does what it does, Fluttershy agrees to help since her reaction to the flower is the least debilitating among all their friends. Things don't go as planned, of course, and the experience changes Fluttershy and Twilight's lives in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

This story is quite tame as far as the "Sex" and "Fetish" things go, but I figured I'd better rate it "Teen" and put the tags on just to be safe. Oh, and the cover image comes from Asssha on DeviantArt.

Chapters (3)

After the leaders of Equestria were kidnaped the Canterlot Nobility were enraged. They now are demanding the subjugation of the changelings, whether peacefully or by force. In a desperate attempt to keep the peace Celestia must make a difficult decision. A decision that will change the life of her former student forever.

NEW STORY! And this time co-wrote with the amazing Julunis! Please go over to her channel and show her some love! This story was originally her's and the artwork is also done by her!

And thank you to Wokarian and Princess_Nika_xx for pre-reading and editing!

I hope you all enjoy the story!

Edit: Featured on the front page on 5/25/2018

Prologue rewritten on 5/26/2018

Chapters (6)
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