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At the end of the war, after the blast of balefire tore his city asunder, a ghoulified Zebra is left to question if his actions were right, and if his punishment is as fitting as the stars have implied it to be. He will have to fight for his life after losing everything, but is there really something left to hope for in the hellish lands that he inhabits, or will he be doomed to an existence of suffering for his sins?

A short Fallout: Equestria sidestory written in an attempt to see how I can do without some of the things I always rely on with a normal fic. I would love to hear any sort of feedback on it, positive or negative, but overall I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Here's a fantastic reading of it done by Plagen Shiki over on youtube if you want to listen along!

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This story takes place after the events of the episode "Magic Duel"

During the famous Magic Duel between Twilight and Trixie, the spell that Twilight shot at her friend Applejack actually turns her into a stallion. She now has to endure a month with her new gender and dealing with her brother who is obsessed in helping her. While also dealing with feelings of her new love for Rainbow Dash.

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Umbrum is just a simple lovestruck miner in Canterlot, he's known as a rather hardworking earth pony working in the infamous Crystal Caverns for his ends meet; At Least that's what most ponies know on the surface but not everything meets the eye.

Especially when some rather nosy ponies decided to dig into his nonexistent past.

He knew that the way to Celestia's heart would have its troubles but to this extent!?

This Sombra is based on the Sombra from the IDW's Reflections Au.

Teen is there just for precaution.

RGRE because everything is always fun in that world

Chapters (3)

The crystal heart is a magnificent artifact. Like the Elements of Harmony, they were not made to destroy, but to expunge.

Not long after his defeat, Sombra returned to the kingdom, not in hostility but humility. The darkness that had taken him was gone. He was the Stallion he had meant to be, the King the Empire had needed long ago.

So does he serve. And in this time...
Somepony of trust became of deep importance to him.

-MXM, SombraxShining Armour, Coltcuddling to the max
-This is just my little guilty pleasure shipping cause i find it oddly cute, even though i know it would never happen, thus the creation of this universe

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Spirit Shine lives a mundane life in a small town. He has always struggled with being different from all the other ponies around him. He hides his true self away from others that would be quick judge him. This has stopped him from finding his special talent and having a happy life. But now he has discovered somepony that might be able to help him accept himself for who he truly is.

cover pic by Ironwolves21

by nerdrugger on funnyjunk

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Prince Blueblood is caught between two fractured lives, the home life that formed him into the insufferable snob he is today, and the unrequited love of his heart whom he drove away.

Preview image commissioned by RusselH of DA.

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After his mare-friend leaves for the week, Whinnywood's residential librarian encounters a unicorn who like it or not will change the way he sees himself.

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Scatter's had enough of the enigmatic resolve; he's done hiding who he is. After being repeatedly asked on dates by various mares, the façade crumbles when he brutally tells off the most attractive and popular mare at high school. From then on, his life starts to sprout its ups and downs, and things become a little interesting.

A gay love story. (Not a clopfic).

This is my first novelette on FiMFiction; If you have any sincere feedback, please share it. Thanks!

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Spike is at a new school and is already the class dork. He can't help falling in love with the most beautiful girl in school though. Can he get the attention of Rarity before the end of the semester?

Chapters (7)

A one-shot, you may correct/critic me yet be kind while doing it, it´s my first story.
Sweetie and Spike get to talk and share secrets like real friends, maybe more.
Takes place 2 years after Season 4, making them both teenagers.
Don't be upset just because it´s SpikeBelle.
I got the cover from Google and I don't know who made it. If it was you, you're awesome.

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