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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.

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Cruel. Heartless.
That's how some would describe what those two did. Maybe they're not wrong. But, we were just foals, and after everything I've done since then, how can I possibly consider myself any better?

These thoughts have plagued Fizzlepop Berrytwist, a.k.a Tempest Shadow, ever since the Storm King invasion was thwarted several months ago. Unable to run from her demons any longer, Tempest returns to the place where it all began in the hopes of reconnecting with all those she left behind.

My first one-shot! :yay:!
WARNING! Contains spoilers for the movie! (kind of obvious from the description though)
Careful of spoilers in the comments.
Edited (eventually) by, Scootareader (he said it was okay to make the eventually joke! :trollestia:)
Cover art by, markelsmith866
1/10/19. Inspired my buddy, The Bricklayer, to write his own story where Tempy returns home and reconnects with her past. Check it out! A Simple Truth One Must Face

Chapters (1)

"I'm not the best at putting my feelings into words... Meet me on the roof after school. I need to tell you something. If I don't, I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

"Please don't leave me waiting..."

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia, in her infinite wisdom, sent Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville in order to learn about the Magic of Friendship; many years later, and after hundreds of adventures with the five amazing friends she made that day, she now stands watch over the last of them as they prepare for the end. Naturally, they refuse to go quietly into that good night.

After all, there's always time for one last spin around Equestria, right?

Chapters (1)

The worth of a dragon is measured by their hoard, so what happens when a dragon finds something so valuable as to make all other hoards small by comparison, but so precious they cannot keep it for their own?

A young dragon discovers the answer when she finds the priceless treasure kept by the Sisters of Song.

A tiny alicorn, named Cadenza.

Editors: Tek, Skywriter, PaulAsaran, Mitch H.

Cover picture credit: Harwick on Fimfiction or Harwicks-art on Deviantart.com
Wonderful reading by Illya Leonov here on YouTube

A guest author part of the Cadence of Cloudsdale series by Skywriter, set several decades before the second chapter of The First Time You See Her and the blessed Sister Kale.

Chapters (1)

After finding a bald-faced hornet in her bedroom, Twilight Sparkle takes advantage of her time alone to perform a series of experiments on the insect in the name of science.

Pre-read by TheBritishPony

Edited by James Fire.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Pony Displaced: Another Path

Many years ago, Magic Barrier lost countless ponies that he held dear to Sombra's madness and his dark powers. Some years later, he lost the few ponies he still had to hold dear when Princess Luna fell to her inner darkness, Nightmare Moon and was banished for one-thousand years... taking him with her.

Now, a thousand years later, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and Barrier returned to Equestria a thousand years out of place. To top that off, Sombra was eventually defeated as well and with his defeat returned both the Crystal Empire and some of the most important ponies in Barrier's life. Ponies that Barrier had long since written off as lost.

Now, with their Captain guiding them, the recently returned group has to try and find their place in the madness that is modern Equestria, overcome what was lost, and hopefully find a new way that will help cement to them that they're not as displaced as they seem.

I imagine some of you have waited long and hard for this sequel to release. There are some of you who may have been there since the beginning of my stint as a fanfiction author, where I promised -and failed- to deliver a sequel to my first story, A Pony Displaced.

I am saddened to say that I have failed you once again with this sequel... but someone has risen to pick up after me, for the sake of those waiting for this sequel, and my own.

Those of you who follow my blog already know this, but Alticron, my co-writer/editor/proofreader/idea wall/friend is going to try and see the story to completion, after I suffered another writing burnout due in part to personal problems.

As I stated in my blog, I have the utmost faith in him and his abilities to see this story through to the end, and hope you will all enjoy his writing as much as I do.

As always, I cannot state how thankful I -and Alticron- are to Chaos Phantasm, DE_K,ChasingResonance and CanadianPony for being the editors, proofreaders, and idea-walls who made this story what it is.

Chapters (52)

I have lived my entire life among the ice at the top of the world with my pod. I knew little of the world outside of the ways of We of the Sea, and as a filly, that suited me just fine. But one day, the steel whales came, and on their backs, they carried creatures not unlike myself, yet wholly different. For while I swam in the sea, they walked on the land and flew through the air. Yet they reminded me of my kind, so curious, so tragic, and so infinitely precious. Where they did not understand, they sought to learn with a foolish stubbornness. Where they wandered far from home, they extended their hooves in friendship.

Where they waged their wars, they fought with a violent savagery that was frightening to me.

As I held a dear friend close, the breath fleeing from his body, I only wanted to know one thing.


Cover art and inspiration by JhonnyRebel. Pre-reading provided by djthomp.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
And an awesome reading by Illya Leonov!

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Featured February 1st, 2017

Princess Celestia sends an oddly simple message to Twilight and Spike. The contents: "What are you wearing?" Complications and chaos ensue.
Inspired by this artwork.

Audio Reading by Lead Bread

Chapters (1)

The day before Hearthswarming Eve, Spike sits in a cave, far from home, watching a blizzard go by.

Thank you to my patrons for making this possible.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to How's This For A Stinging Sensation?

Princess Celestia encounters a cockroach after making her breakfast. Naturally, she handles the situation like most ponies would.

Reading by Wolf newman.

Reading by LazerPewPew.

Reading by Lead Bread.

Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade.

Cover art also courtesy of Wolf newman.

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