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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*

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I've been looking like Rainbow Dash for little over two months now, not sure how, but it happened randomly, overnight in my sleep, like a bad fanfic. Being from the "one percent' group of wealthy people my parent's didn't notice or care that I wasn't, well, me. I sent all orders for food and such to servants in detailed instructions via text app my parents usually use because the "do no commune with the laborers", yeah, they're that stuck up. Then I took a nap, woke up on a cloud in Equestria, thrown in jail on accusations of being an imposter, then taken in by the Skittle pony herself... *Sigh* Just why can't she leave me alone? I want Sandra back!

Special Thanks to Xinrick for co-writting this with me to keep it alive.

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Wondering the streets drunk on an empty stomach was how Blue Blood spent his most recent days. After being told off by the element of Generosity rarely did a mare look at him. His nose caught the whiff of something exotic. His eyes spotted something exotic. Two years later his actions catch up with him. Follow Blue Blood, Saffron Masala, and their son, Blue Spice as they tackle forced marriage, raising an over energetic foal, and the threat that is Saffron's father out for vengeance!

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Castiel was sitting in Heaven at Humanities beginnings, settlements that soon will become towns, cities. Then, coming from God's sun, flew into his arms a white filly, with horns, wings, with a pink mane and tail. He brought her to God, and he said: "Raise her."

Crowley just fell into Hell, died after his time was up. Starting out as a tortured soul was the easy part, now that he's a demon, the high ups decide to make things harder for him. He must raise a demonic pony.

John Winchester left his boys in the care of fellow Hunter Bobby while on a hunt. It was 1991, early spring, and Sam ran off to explore the woods. Not far from Bobby's backyard, Sam finds a small, blue creature. Experience taught him to usually shoot the strange first, but rather than pulling his gun, he picks it up, realizing it's crying, scared. While his brother, Bobby, and his dad especially were on edge of it, they all soon learned to accept the creature. Not long later, she joins them in the "Family business."

Inspired by the amazing Tatsurou
Now written with aid my my new amazing Co-writter and long time reader ppg1998

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Coming from a broke and broken family, I never kept high hopes for anything. When my mother died and I moved out of the house, finally making a life of my own, I decided to treat myself. I had a few grand saved up for a rainy day, and I was going to use them to go to E3, video games were one of the few things that kept me sane before and now. That and MLP, but with the show on hiatus, again I figured it would be fun. I got a pretty good Reaper costume. I rarely played him in Overwatch, but I liked his backstory and character. Riding to E3 in a train was kinda fun dressed as him, mainly since I was not the only one dressed up. When I got to E3 I got the usual, games, little trinket things, then I came across what was a sad looking stall, but there was a pair of really good looking guns Reaper carried, and my costume didn't come with those, so naturally I bought them. When I tried them out by myself in the bathroom, my luck, the lights went out...and I was falling...Okay someone spiked my cherry root beer!

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