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A lone vampire bat sneaks through the mirror portal and ends up in the human world. Instead of apples, it now craves something far richer. And unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer, she's its next snack.

Sunset can't remember any of her activities past sundown. The light hurts not just her eyes, but burns her skin. And she's thirsty.

So very thirsty.

It's up to the Rainbooms to save Sunset from herself before she drinks the whole city dry. Too bad Twilight Sparkle is her primary target.

Thanks to Saro0fd3monz for the inspiration!

Edited by DrakeyC and HenryAnthonyCourtler

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This story is a sequel to Long Road to Friendship

It is a new year for Sunset Shimmer; a fresh chance at real happiness with her five best friends and her girlfriend. But Sunset is constantly troubled by her uncertain future, and haunted by the consequences of her past.

For her battle against Princess Twilight has drawn forth ancient forces with eyes on the last bastion of magic: Canterlot City.

As darkness closes in, Sunset must find her light and guide her friends to defend their world against old rivals and legends best left forgotten, all while dealing with their ever-looming futures.

But when graduation comes, what will Sunset Shimmer do? For she is still a stranger in this world, with or without her friends, and the road before her guarantees nothing.

Of course, with the universe conspiring against her, it'll be a miracle if she even makes it that far...

Story plot edited by HenryAnthonyCourtler
Pre-read by DrakeyC
Wonderful cover art designed by HanasakiYunarin!
Text added by Amber Spark!
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I'm a palace guard.

So, my life is pretty dull. All I do is stand around waiting for something I'm guarding to be under threat.

And since that never happens, I gotta find a way to entertain myself.

See that stallion over there? He's searching all of Canterlot for his pants!

Chapters (1)

Trixie decided to start a fanfiction and asks her girlfriend, Twilight, to ‘proofread’ it… turns out that the story isn't that great. It seems that there's some misunderstanding among them, and Trixie can't believe Twilight's doubting her so called "masterpiece"! Now Twilight is doubting about what this story's really about...

Wrote for Equestria Daily's Friend Off! This was inspired by demdoodles art showed in the cover art! Check her out!
Edited by Exterminate Regenerate, thank you soldier!
Doing Twixie shenanigans because yes, I needed to write this ship :heart:

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Not long after Tirek's defeat, Twilight has begun suffering from a medical condition that shouldn't be able to affect ponies and her life depends on Luna. How will both of their lives, and their relationship, be affected during the days and nights together as Twilight searches for a way to reclaim her independence?

* This is a TwiLuna story.
** Cover art by CaptainPudgeMuffin (Commissioned for this story.)

Traducción al español de mi fanfic por SPANIARD KIWI: Todos Para Una, y Una Para Luna

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A few months after the events of Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Applejack decides to officially integrate the others into her family with an Apple tradition: a long night of cider drinking.

The next morning Applejack wakes up...in Twilight's bed...with a gold band on her hoof...and a legally binding document on the bedside table...

Cover art by ThePristineEye

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Days after Tirek's near-takeover of Equestria, The Great And Powerful Trixie travels to Ponyville, intent on settling her rivalry with Twilight Sparkle once and for all. No trinkets to fudge her abilities, no megalomania to apologize for -- just pure and simple magician's honor!

Upon her arrival, however, she quickly learns that the information she has on Ponyville -- and Twilight -- is more than a little dated.

Edits (as well as a bit of scene inspiration) courtesy of nanashi_jones.

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Because sometimes even a villain should get the chance to have a happy Christmas with her family.

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When it comes to light that Rainbow Dash didn't properly pass her citizenship test to come to Ponyville, Pinkie Pie comes up with a crazy idea to keep her from being deported: get married! When Rainbow can't find a pony to go along with the idea, Fluttershy volunteers to help her friend. However, as the two start living their lives as wife and wife until Rainbow's citizenship is approved, they begin to realize that it's not just an act anymore.

Cover image used with ijab's permission.

Chapters (2)

Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara have a run-in with the villainous Penny Pinch, a threat so dire, so dastardly, that it will require Equestria's greatest hero to defeat!

Based off of a background pony in Canterlot Boutique (see cover art). Fimfic, pls give Filthy Rich tag, kthx <3

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