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On a visit to the Everfree forest, Fluttershy encounters a creature she has never seen before. It’s tall, it wears clothes and nopony can understand it. Can the ponies of Ponyville make friends with this new creature, even when they do not understand eachother?

(28.1.2017) Did I...Did I get featured? :rainbowhuh: I think I got featured! :pinkiegasp:

Huge thanks to lordelliott for helping me proofread and edit. :twilightsmile:

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In a surprise visit, Dragon Lord Ember comes to Ponyville with important news to give to her good friend Spike. According to her words, a great gathering among dragons is soon to be upon them, and in it, every dragon of age must find another dragon to become mated to by its end -- for life -- or risk becoming mate-less and alone forever, as stated by dragon law.

With such a sudden and perturbing turn of events, Spike, who is of the proper maturity, finds himself thrust into a most dire situation. Being raised by ponies has left him unfamiliar with his kind's inherent customs and traditions, but he knows that if he fails to participate or act like a proper dragon at the gathering, he fears he could lose his chance to show Ember the feelings he's been keeping from her for the past few years.

Does Spike have the ability to behave like the rest of his kind? And even if he succeeds in relearning his dragon instincts with the help of his friends, will he still be able to win over Ember's affections before someone else does?

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A week after moving to Ponyville, Violet Petal as already seen and experienced wonderful things such as the Elements stopping evil villains and monsters, the Castle of Friendship, and Pinkie Pie's parties. Unfortunately, she has also experienced many awful things. Including prejudices from the town's residents. For she is a Thestral, or "bat pony," to the more blunt members of society.

After one particularly bad day, she runs across a strange bipedal creature napping in the park.

Author's note: I was featured! It was for a few minutes, sure, but still!

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While visiting Canterlot with Limestone, Marble runs into an energetic pony who could match her twin in cheerfulness. And she's cute. And wants to talk to her. And cute.

Naturally, Marble explodes from shyness.

Pre-read by: Timaeus
Ch. 1 Audio Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

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This story is a sequel to Consequences

Flying is a lot like life. Keep beating your wings and hope not to hit something at terminal velocity. Being an Alicorn doesn’t make it any easier.

Especially when you are trying your best to keep it hidden.

Since the defeat of Tirek, Blank Page has been trying his best to keep his sudden case of Alicorn hidden from the general public.

Because honestly, who would want that much responsibility?

Coverart by Sipioc

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This story is a sequel to Adaptation - A Changeling's Story

*Cover art is made from two separate pieces, neither of which did I create. I linked to one, the other is an old piece I had requested from Ficisism on Deviantart, but the account is deactivated.

(( NOTE 4/20/2019 -- Integration is on an indefinite hiatus. My apologies. ))

It's been almost three years since Echo officially came out of hiding, adopted her daughter, and began the arduous task of becoming part of what was, to her, an alien culture. She's managed to secure financial stability, but now she struggles with things that are altogether foreign to her.

What does it mean to have friends? She knows it's a good thing, she knows it keeps her alive, but it seems like there's a measure of responsibility to it. More importantly, how can she be a good mother to her daughter if she doesn't understand something so fundamental to ponies as friendship?

Moving back to Ponyville presents its own challenges though, as she finds an unexpected surprise waiting for her.

Seeking respite, she turns to help in Canterlot, only to find that there is an even greater menace there, waiting to ruin her peaceful existence.

She really can't seem to get a break.

(2/27/17: Due to alternate changeling continuity, AU tag has been added)
(4/12/17: I have received more than a few messages requesting the dark tag. It has now been added.)

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Twilight Sparkle has spent months researching chaos magic, developing a new spell to unlock magic nopony has ever experienced before. But when something goes wrong with casting, Twilight finds herself turned into a Draconequus and unable to control her new chaos magic. If she ever wants to be a pony again, there is only one who can help her learn to control her new magic.

Of course, learning from Discord was never going to be simple. And after a while, being a draconequus doesn't seem so bad anyway....

Based on the concept by Lopoddity

Editing by DB_Explorer
Proofreading by Mac349 (Ch. 1-11), Trippy998, Just A Fabulous Cat (Ch. 1-5), Doctor Candor and skysthelimit (Ch. 1-11).

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Idol Hooves holds a special place in Equestria. He's probably the only exiled changeling to serve in the Royal Guard, or at least, that's what he expects, as exiles don't really broadcast that fact. However, it's well known that Princess Celestia loves all of her little ponies, and her guards perhaps more so, and that makes it one of the best ways for a changeling to discreetly feed.

But how does a changeling even get there, let alone get exiled in the first place? For that matter, why would it ever go to Canterlot? Set a number of years before the series proper, before Luna’s redemption, Idol details how he was exiled, the ponies he’s met, and the series of misadventures that led him to joining the Royal Guard, and should continue a good ways into the series, as something of an alternate perspective.

Soon, he’ll have to deal with a boisterous new princess to serve and a royal wedding in the works bringing a third to power. Will his old instincts bring this new life crashing down around him? What precipitates Chrysalis’s ill-fated assault on Canterlot? Is it really so wrong for a changeling to enjoy good craftsmanship to an obsessive degree?

New cover art provided by the fantastic Carnifex

And a TVTropes page here.

And an Ask Blog of questionable canonity!
Out of Idol Curiosity

Fanart by Norad2! Major thanks! Short For a Royal Guard

Art by Egophiliac of Idol and his Daring Duckie Please don't tell him what that brush is meant for.

Rating updated to (T), it's a bit darker than (E)
Comedy Tag added as well
And changed the character tags a bit.

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