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Complexity and simplicity. I am a jack of all trades. All I ask for is an upvote and comment. Maybe a watch to?

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Monsters. Mythical Beasts. Legendary Creatures. To humans, they're nothing more than stories. To the students at Canterlot High, their existence is a bit more believable. To Sunset Shimmer, the myths and folklore she reads about in English class could've been an everyday occurrence. In Equestria at least. That is, until she heard a story about a certain mountain.

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Luna sees Celestia send Twilight off with her friends to defeat Discord in ‘The Return of Harmony’. She overhears Celestia say that she can no longer wield the Elements of Harmony. The Princess of the Moon ain’t buying that BS.

Featured 1-3-19 to 1-4-19

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A Hellsing Ultimate/ My Litle Pony Crossover; a remake of one of my failed stories but after a while I reposted it on my fanfiction account in spanish, and finally decided to translate it. Again I hope you like it and is you read Spanish you can see the original here

Vampires: horrid creatures who tormented the already extinguished human race; vanishing along with their preys thousands of years ago. Or do they? Fluttershy accidentally awoke the last of the vampires, bringing back to Equestria the past horrors. GORE


Also author Ocelot the Devil posted his own version and you can find it in here on FanFiction. Ocelot, I hope you like this new version, is quite different than my original one so you can keep going with your version.

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The hive is in celebration. The invasion goes well, and soon all Equestria will surely fall. The victorious changeling soldiers will be covered in wealth and glory, and poor young Thorax fears the war will end before he can enlist.

It does not.

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After another boring day of dealing with court affairs, Celestia meets up with an old friend and enjoys a delightful game of chess, while having an interesting discussion about what it means to rule.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Code Geass is copyright of Ichirō Ōkouchi

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The truth was withheld until now. The fourth wall doesn't just break, it is decided by a high council. A high council of Pinkie Pie's.

Not exactly sure how this story happened.

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This story is a sequel to KONO DIO DA: DIO is Unbreakable

When two enemies meet with a common enemy and common friends, will there ever be room for forgiveness? Will Jotaro find friendship? Will Rohan ever stop saying oi? Will Kira ever be found?

And, for 『Hebun』's sake, can Okuyasu not look like a rapist, please?

Expect a more seriously-written and less-meta story this go round. I don't mean to disappoint, but for wrapping this up, I wanted to contextualize it just because it's fun.

Though, I'm not taking away all of the comedy.

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Cover art courtesy of Taggerung

And yes that's Geralt in Equestria Girl style for infinite justice

Note: Familiarity with The Witcher series is probably not necessary for enjoyment of this fic. There are a lot of references to events from the books (Especially Sword of Destiny), but the important ones are explained anyway.

Geralt of Rivia had a complicated life on The Continent. Navigating difficult political situations, getting shorted by his clients, slaying monsters, and living as an outcast had made things challenging for the witcher.

But now, Geralt has found himself in a foreign land, with foreign customs and behavior. Seeking to do what he has always done – find witcher's work slaying monsters – Geralt is about to discover just how simple things can become. And how challenging the simplest of things can really be.

Friendship. I'm talking about friendship. It's simple, but it's challenging, get it? Don't overthink this. The comedy and random tags exist for a reason. Also, sex tag is for references to sex, not because of actual sex. Get your heads out of the gutter.

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Have you ever heard strange voices in your head? Have you ever felt like your life is being observed or controlled by some omnipotent being? Twilight Sparkle has, and it's driving her up a wall; the FOURTH wall! Watch the hilarity ensue as Twilight hears the soothingly manly voice of yours truly!

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