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After dying in a train crash, Twilight finds herself offered a deal by the Reaper: a game of chess for her soul. Twilight accepts, but there's something off about the game. Something she can't put her hoof on.

But the answer to that question is just perfect for who she is.

Cover art is from the Poets of the Fall album "Clearview".

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Rarity has always been an artist. Even now, she can't resist the urge to create new masterpieces. If only she had someone to show them to.

Second place in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Colorful Characters: Rarity contest.

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Ten spirits watch over the Mortal Plane. Ten spirits, each one balanced by another.

What happens when the Spirit of Life and the Spirit of Death, the two most opposing spirits, start to feel an attraction for each other?

Cover art made by Kassitheplantwarrior

Day Two of #FluttercordWeek

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After receiving her first correspondence from Princess Twilight, Dragon Lord Ember decides to embark on a journey to Ponyville to help bridge the two cultures. Accompanying her, is the cantankerous Garble, one who Ember believes could benefit most from this foreign Pony concept of "friendship." Shortly after arriving, however, Ember learns that this supposed teacher of friendship is just using Spike as her personal servant. Such indignance will not stand. Not if Dragon Lord Ember has anything to say about it.

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This story is a sequel to The Waiting Doom

It was just a bad cold. But the Cakes are first-time parents, they panicked, and... well, the twins fully recovered in the Canterlot hospital. Pinkie just didn’t know about any of it until now, because she was on a mission. So to make up for her absence, she’s sending the Cakes home. Pinkie can bring the foals home after they’re discharged. Which should be any minute now.

...or hour...

Well, it’s a big hospital. Maybe she can find something to do.

(While this story is tagged as a sequel, the only thing it shares with the previous one is theme. It can be read as a stand-alone, and no reader knowledge of previous events is required.)

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

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Thorax, the newly appointed changeling king, takes on a great under-taking when a surprise guest shows up on his doorstep. Is it illegal? Yes. Is it risky? Yes. Will the end result be worth it? In his eyes, more then diamonds. More then anything, this is one guest who needs some mercy.

This is my first story. I would greatly appreciate comments, reviews, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Also, please Like, Fav, and Follow. But above all: ENJOY 😊

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Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro. I own nothing.

Fluttershy has reformed Discord... or so she thought. Discord has a growing need to spread chaos, and no one knows why. He would never do this to his friends, especially Fluttershy, after the whole Tirek incident. Would he? Until someone finds out and a way to stop him, Fluttershy must learn the ways of chaos as his student.

Cover art made by the talented: Swirlstar the Dedraeb

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This story is a sequel to Discord Teaches Philosophy

Warning: The following is currently unedited and contains a significant amount of Philosophy.

After deciding on taking up the role of a Substitute and finding out that the main Philosophy teacher is boring his students, Discord decides to step in to take up the responsibility of teaching. And he will do it by teaching it in plain Equestrian, in a way that these young students would understand. As well as in his own unique way.

Lesson Plan (in no particular order):

Socrates: His Method and How We Ought to Live ✅

Plato: Allegory of the Cave ✅

Marcus Aurelius: How Stoicism Deals with Hardships ✅

Confucius: Who is Ruling Whom? ✅

Kintsugi: The Art of Imperfection ✅

Machiavelli: In Defense of the Prince ✅

Montaigne: Usefulness of Humility ✅

Rousseau: Of Savages and Civilization ✅

Kierkegaard: Subjectivity and Truth ✅

Nietzsche: Of Suffering and Happiness ✅

Chapters (13)

You've been dormant for a long while, but finally, your time has come. Your Archqueen has awakened you and tasked you with establishing a new hive, your hive.

As a newly spawned changeling Queen, it is your duty to care for your hive and protect it from hostiles changelings, pony guards, and starvation.

Will you be subtle or hunt for love? Will you find allies among other changelings hives and ponies or conquer them all?

Author's Note:

This is a comment driven story set before the changeling invasion of Canterlot.
Cover art from Jeatz-Axl.
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This story is a sequel to Faster

Fluttershy had the best, most loyal pony in the world as her fiancee. But after the events of Faster, Rainbow Dash is gone. Now, weeks after the funeral, she still blames herself and own weakness for Dash's death. She also has questions. Who is this bigger, stronger pony glaring at her in the mirror? What hasn't she been told about Dash's death? When did this giant hole appear in the side of her bedroom wall? Why is she suddenly so quick to anger? And how will she handle the fact that the reports of Dash's death have been slightly exaggerated?

The kindest, gentlest, most soft-spoken pony in Ponyville is about to become the strongest pony in all of Equestria.

What happens when she gets mad?

Sequel to Faster. Featured 2/7-2/9. Added to Twilight's Library 2/7.

Note: I have left enough clues for you to piece together what happened without having to read Faster, but really, you should read Faster before reading this. It's a Nolan Sequel, not a Burton Sequel. (In terms of a continuity, I make no promises as to quality)

Additional Note: Because Knighty is a tyrant, I can't tag everyone on the poster, because my poster has six characters. But rest assured, I didn't work this hard on a sequel to Faster without eventually getting around to the fate of Dash.

Artwork by: 2153D (Sadly, probably our last collaboration due to his site retirement)

Pre-read/Produced by Cola Bubble Gum.

Additional pre-reading by: Space Commie

Edited by Sharp Spark and Cola.

Executive Produced by: Skeeter The Lurker

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