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~~~You asked, you receive. Bonus chapter up~~~

Twilight has successfully created fake government jobs to help her terminally broke friends be less, uh, terminally broke. All they have to do is pass a simple little background check, just an easy little formality really. Should be no problem for these national heroes, right?



I guess the constituent parts of the cover art might be property of the federal gubbermint, but, honestly, I feel like I've spent enough on ATF tax stamps to make me stealing their crisp PNGs an equal exchange.

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When Sugar Cube Corner closes down for Equestria’s Labor Day, the town’s newest resident, seventeen year old Pinkamena D. Pie, finds herself with nothing to do to entertain herself. After trying multiple avenues of fun and games, she comes to a dreadful realization:

She’s bored.

A random bit of madness spawned as a bit of a challenge to myself. I wanted to write a good Pinkie Pie story, but I wanted to do it in a unique way. Given how much I’ve been enjoying writing Pony Plots, which is a first person perspective story, and that I’ve not seen any stories that are told from Pinkie’s perspective, I thought “Why not?”

Also, I couldn’t figure out who did the cover art, so unfortunately it is used without permission. However, if anyone can let me know who they are, so I can at least credit them, that would be awesome!

Oh, also, if this goes through, as of right now, it will be my first E rated story on the site! :pinkiehappy:

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What is a mediocre villain to do these days? How in Equestria do you compete with the likes of Chaos gods and love-stealing shapeshifters? Ever since those Bearer brats found the Elements of Harmony and Princess Celestia's long-lost and kind-of-evil-but-not-really-in-the-end sister returned, nopony bats an eye at the small potatoes any more.

Small Potatoes himself just cannot take being relegated to the side lines any longer! He has one, glorious plan in the works, one that might finally see it - his name, that is - go down in history. He's going to do the one thing that villains all over Equestria have been failing to do since that fateful Summer Sun Celebration to stop the Guardians of Harmony once and for all.

He's going to hire somepony else to do the job for him.

[This story contains scenes about death, attempted murder, some blood and an injury described in light-moderate detail (and with a humourous bent, I'm hoping.)]

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"Psychopathy is a condition characterized by the absence of empathy and the blunting of other affective states. Callousness, detachment, and a lack of empathy enable psychopaths to be highly manipulative. Nevertheless, psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot.

Psychopaths can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack any semblance of conscience. Their antisocial nature inclines them often (but by no means always) to criminality.

Adult psychopathy is largely resistant to treatment, though programs exist to treat callous, unemotional youth in hopes of preventing them from maturing into psychopaths.

Brain anatomy, genetics, and a person’s environment may all contribute to the development of psychopathic traits."

So, this is just a random idea I had for another Anthology series, a bit less comedic, a bit more dramatic and dark. Mostly, it was because I've been in a mood for watching old school mysteries lately, like Agatha Christie and, yes, Sherlock Holmes. It also occurred to me that, in spite of her being my absolute favorite villain from the series, and a character that I love, for the fact that her backstory is an open ended question, I had never written anything about Cozy Glow. I've had ideas, and still do! But, this is the first time I've ever sat down and gotten any of them to a point where I could actually publish it.

Note that this story takes place several years after Cozy was freed from stone sleep, and she is now an adult of around nineteen.

I cannot remember who drew the cover art, so if anyone knows, please tell me, so I can give credit!

As such, and as always, I hope you enjoy! Harmonia Invictus!

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

Twilight Sparkle and her brother Rahs Sparkle have become gods. One would think that would mean that there would be less problems for them. Having survived three years in Ponyville [ or Ponyville having survived three years of them] the Sparkle siblings and their friends are about to have a whole lot more problems.

Vicious vines, end of the world doomsday cults, vampire ponies, Equestria Games, Party wars, Lip sync scandals, breezies, a trade expo, members of the royal family moving into town, betting pool changes, more dating shenanigans, a fishy presence, darkness, and the return of a great evil.

Now with 20% more Discord!

[ As usual i post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Editing assistance by ThatNoobPony

Useing Ko-Fi to accept donations to get Fan art for the story. What art I have so far is also linked HERE!

TGaP now has a TV Tropes Page thanks to matt+s0101745, You can find that HERE.

Season 5 link is HERE.

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Fluttershy is just one colonist out of many, specializing in animal care...she hadn't expected to befriend an alien Imposter. Or that befriending him would come with uncomfortable truths and changes.

A crossover with Among Us.

Day Seven of #FluttercordWeek

Chapters (1)

A unicorn with an unwanted special magical talent isolates herself on a remote hillside, away from other ponies, for their sake and hers.

Rated T for dark themes and descriptions of death, but this isn't a horror fic; rather, it's a story about isolation, loneliness and broken magic. And chamomile tea.

Featured on Equestria Daily, 1st June 2020
One of Equestria Daily's 40 Best Fanfics to Read for OC Day, December 2020

25/30, My Little Reviews & Feedback
4* (Recommended), Louder Yay

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Legendary swords, items of power and magic, great artifacts that can topple countries and raise kingdoms when wielded by those worthy of their supernatural might. They are the greatest of arms, wielded by heroes and villains alike as they battle fate itself.

As such, as the wisest of sages can easily attest, there are very good reasons why any sane being would do well in keeping such dangerous artifacts well contained and safely hidden away from prying eyes and unworthy hands until such times when their mighty powers may be needed once again.

So the fact that both Link and Ganondorf lost their legendary blades as they traveled through the void towards ancient Equestria may be something of a problem…

This is just a fun little, non-canon, Omake to my story The Power of Freedom, depicting one of the many possibilities that could’ve come to pass due to Link and Ganondorf losing their swords mid-travel as they reached ancient Equestria.

Reading the main story isn’t necessary to appreciate this, but it would make it far more enjoyable.

Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

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One day, while Applejack and her family was visiting Pinkie Pie's family for Hearth Warming's Eve, Starlight brought up the question of what led up to to this to Twilight Sparkle; her friend and teacher. This lead to the Princess of Friendship revealing the whole thing about how the Alicorn had discovered Pinkie Pie's relationship to the apple clan. This leads Starlight to do some research on her own bloodline. After finding out that she was adopted, she begins by seeing if her DNA can lead her to her real family. It seems, that fate had a hand in helping her find her real family already, and a sister she never knew she had has been helping her in ways even Starlight would never dream of...

Addtional Information: This story is based off a concept found in "Twilight's Sacrifice" which is made by MetalandPonyFan2578 which you can read here: Twilight's Sacrifice - Fimfiction. This concept revolves around Twilight Sparkle being the sister of one Starlight Glimmer with the later having been given up for adoption. However, I did not like the fact that the story that brought forth this concept was done so darkly so I decided to make a much happier and much brighter story based on the concept. Proceed at your own risk. While this story is rated E and has no warnings associated with it, it does deal with the concept of adoption and other such scenarios. As such, the theme of adoption may turn away certain people. If you are one of those people, I advise you to turn back now. I will also not stand for Starlight Glimmer hate, so right now while Comments and ratings are enabled, I will turn them off if you can't behave yourselves. And before anyone asks, "New Beginnings" takes place during season 6 before "To Where and Back again" but after "No Second Prances". "Biological Connection" takes place shortly after "New Beginnings" while "The Things that Changed" takes place after the 8 year time skip in an alternate universe where season 8 and season 9 never happened yet the MLP Movie did. Scootaloo being Rainbow Dash's biological sister for "Biological Connection" was an idea taken from the story series known as Dear CMC and you can read Scootaloo's part of the series here: Dear Scootaloo - Fimfiction. Meanwhile, "The Things that Changed" involves Spike and Sweetie Belle being married which is a ship you probably have seen everywhere here on Fimfiction. The wedding itself was inspired by A Belle-lessed Union and I tweaked it for the purposes of this fan-fiction. You can read A Belle-lessed Union here: A Belle-lessed Union - Fimfiction. Finally, if it seems like Spoiled Rich is out of character during "The Things that changed", well how about you go read my story Changing a Spoiled Mind which contains context for this mysterious out of character stuff here: Changing a Spoiled Mind - Fimfiction.

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Rarity has been working awfully hard lately so Twilight Sparkle, being the good friend she is, goes to check up on her.

Edited by myself and the everfree pony
Should be golden now.

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