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Meet Pat the changeling. He's in Ponyville on an exchange programme to further pony-changeling relationships.

Based on the small changeling that appeared briefly in Slice of Life.

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Queen Chrysalis has only one grub that has survived into fillyhood; her daughter, the physically lame and mentally impaired Crown Princess Pupa. Chrysalis has never been what many would call the 'maternal type', even towards Pupa, whose adoration of her mother has no bounds. Preferring to swamp herself in the dire affairs of state, Chrysalis lets her crippled daughter be raised by her affectionate nanny.

But one day, as the Changeling Kingdom's problems reach boiling point, the Queen's already short temper erupts and she must deal with the heartbreaking consequences...

Edited and pre-read by Chaodiurn
Pre-read by Scarheart

Now with a TvTropes Page. Feel free to contribute.

Chapters (16)

Important notice: This is not in the same universe as Maternal Instinct.

Years after the failed invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis has grown indolent and inept in running her kingdom. However, she grows concerned when she no longer senses the love and adoration of her subjects. Her advisors proving unhelpful, she goes seeking the council of what many would consider the most unexpected sources...

Picture courtesy of Yula568

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After long consideration, Sunset Shimmer decides to return to Equestria to make amends. Everypony is very skeptical about this but Celestia decides on a test of sorts to see if she truly is sorry. She has to live with Twilight and Spike for 1 year, at the end of that year her fate will be decided by Twilight and Spike.

A HUGE shoutout to Love at Sundown by trahzo. That fic gave me the idea of writing a Spike x Sunset fic.

Chapters (20)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Shortly after the Second Battle of Geonosis, a Republic probe reports the discovery of a new planet outside of their galaxy, a seemingly insignificant occurance, if not for the CIS frigate seen orbiting the planet. Curious to see what the Separatists have found, the Republic sends a cruiser to the planet, only to be suddenly ambushed by several CIS ships. Determining that the CIS has discovered something important and prehaps vital to their war efforts, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi dispatch Victor Squad, a group of...special clones, to the planet's surface to investigate it.

Their mission carries more weight than they think.

Shoutouts to Nathan, my friend Fernando, kento124, and to Legion222 for proof reading and editing.
Shoutout to Ultima Fatalis on DeviatArt for the awesome cover art.

Follows MLP canon excluding S3E13 and beyond as closely as possible.

If you're going to dislike, at least have the courtesy to explain why.

Undeservedly featured on 6/15/2015. Not sure why, but hey, that's cool.

Chapters (15)
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