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Cadance meets a very sleepy changeling. Knowing the changeling is in no state to really do anything, she decides to show it some love.

Some rather... cuddleful love~

Written in a few hours while running on two hours of sleep myself so if there are errors, there's your answer.

Thank you to Notowa for making the cover! I honestly didn't think I'd use any cover but yay.

For some reason featured on 5/3/2022... and also 5/4/2022

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This story is a sequel to The Girls of My Life 2: Old Flames and New Flames

See Spike Drake and the Canterlot Cuties in their childhood days, and how Spike got to know each of the girls and vice versa.

Recommend reading The Girls of My Life, and The Girls of My Life 2 Old Flames and New Flames before this, in this exact order.

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Rarity had been asked by a client a special type of dress, but she doesn't know it very well. So she decides to go to the Golden Oak Library to gather some information on those but fall asleep during the process.

And it's at that time that Spike choose to get back home from the market and discover the sleeping Unicorn.

What will happen next?

Spoil:Contain Sparity.

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With Twilight being gone, it's just Spike and Starlight in the castle. Spike soon realizes how much he realizes how much he misses Twilight. He realizes how much he misses having some pony to cuddle with...

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Cover Image URL - Click Here

*An AU extended ending to Season 8 - "Father Knows Beast"*

It's been days since the greedy manipulator Sludge was revealed to have lied about being Spike's Father. Spike, originally excited to have had an actual dragon as a parental figure, now fears he will never have a family outside of Twilight to call his own.

However, despite Spike's hesitations, Twilight insists that he goes on a mission to tell each of their close friends what happened in regards to Sludge's scheme and form a bond with them. Spike has his doubts though as he fears the others aren't family and will reject him. Nevertheless, he sets out on a very personal mission.

How will each pony react to finding out that the baby dragon was taken advantage of as an excuse for room and board? Will they be able to help Spike and show that they love him? Will Spike discover that there's more to a family than he originally thought?

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This story is a sequel to Spike's Family Journey

*Cover Image URL - Click Here*

*This story is a sequel to "Spike's Family Journey"*

Spike couldn't be any happier to have the family he has today. With 7 very special ponies (and many other family members as well) in his life, the baby dragon is ready to live to the fullest no matter what comes next.

Follow Spike as he embarks on everyday adventures alongside the Elements as well as a wide variety of colorful characters in Ponyville and beyond. There will be laughs and tears - happy moments and sad moments.

Family may not always be easy, but Spike knows they'll always be together no matter what.

*Meant to be more of a collection of comedy/slice of life stories, but there may be some over-arching narratives as well. Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9.*

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*Cover Image URL:

*This story is an AU piece taking place after the events of "Dragon Quest"*

Spike always thought that Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony were the best friends he could ever ask for. However, after overhearing a usually kind pegasus's refusal to be near any dragons, Spike begins to realize he never really hangs out with Fluttershy like he does with the others.

After this realization among some other findings, Spike grows upset as he concludes that he and Fluttershy were never really friends to begin with - causing a noticeable rift between the two. Can things ever be mended between the dragon and the pony? And how does Fluttershy feel about this?

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Word can hurt. That is an understatement. But if what was written was meant for another reason. Like creative writing or simply ones chose theme. The words can bring out feelings normally hidden away. Spike had no intentions on hurting his friends. But through his words they realize how important he is to them.

Editor:Equity equilibrium. Great editor please comment on him.

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Co-Author: alphasteel.

In the most crime ridden city of Mare-Tropolis, a young boy makes an astonishing discovery of six alien girls, who have all crash landed in the park. Each with unique superpowers, all dedicating their lives to fight against the forces of evil.

The boy's life was forever changed, after he became the sidekick to his new friends, the Power Princesses.

Rated sex for potential fan services.

Featured: July 1, 2021.

Co-exists with Wildcard25's The Girls Of My Life and in response to his challenge.

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