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Do you know who really loves Hearts and Hooves Day? Cadance.
Do you know who really doesn’t? Everypony Cadance meets.
Do you think they have a choice when she’s around? Hell no.

(Cover art by Madacon, which inspired the entire thing)

Chapters (1)

“A toast,” Spitfire said, once the noise had quietened and everypony was still, “to Rainbow Dash, for holding the most records anypony in Academy history has held. It’s no mean feat, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her continue to push herself well beyond our expectations in the future.” There was a murmur of agreement that passed around the table, and Rainbow felt her wings twitch again. Before anypony could begin to raise their glass to their lips, Spitfire continued, “And to Soarin, who seems at last to have gained at least some level of emotional maturity in the past week.”

Rainbow Dash's life is perfect: the Wonderbolts are so pleased with her performance at the academy that they've invited her out to dinner, and she's finally getting to spend time with her idols; she's finally managed to hold down a relationship for more than a few weeks at a time, and her marefriend, Twilight, has been more supportive of her than she could have ever asked for; and she's even gotten over her cider addiction, which turned out to be a much more pleasant change than she expected.

So why does it still hurt?

Written and edited over the course of 30 days for the National Novel Writing Month challenge, Fifteen Dinners tells the story of Rainbow Dash's struggle to maintain the illusion of happiness when the one pony that matters most has grown to hate her.

For David and JD
(who hate ponies, but keep supporting me anyway)
For Vocal Score
(whose music kept me going through this crazy month)
And, as always, for Robbie
(who somehow puts up with my writing, even for fandoms he knows nothing about)

Chapters (15)

WARNING: Sequel to 'Then Tomorrow Came'. Spoilers ahead.

Through great hardships and heartbreaks, Twilight Sparkle has finally "won" the heart of her beloved Rainbow Dash. But will she have the chance to finally enjoy the peace and happiness of her hard won victory? Will the consequences of her extreme actions catch up with her? And what will happen if Rainbow Dash ever begins to suspect the truth?

Rated T for language, implicit sexual content, and morally confusing arguments regarding neuroethics. Again, this is a sequel to Then Tomorrow Came. If you haven't read that, this isn't going to make much sense.

Chapters (25)

Twilight never cared much for romance, but after falling for Rainbow Dash, she's ready to make her move. But what happens if those feelings are unrequited? Should she hold onto hope? Is it even possible to let go and move on?

I've read a bunch of shipfics that are all happy resolutions after the confession so I wanted to try an alternative. So here is a slightly darker TwiDash fic because I am a terrible person who must make ponies suffer. Oh God Why?!

Edit: Now with addition of new cover pic used with permissions from aeroytechyon_x
Reformatted with less walls of texts and less Lavender Unicorn Syndrome as of 03/20/2015

Sequel here.

Chapters (15)

After Rainbow drops an offhoof comment about never dating, Pinkie decides to set her up on a date. A blind date.

Edited by: Lambent Dream

Chapters (2)

Twilight gets a feeder to study birds.

She also bought a ton of seeds for it.

While she's frustrated at the fact her supply seems to be disappearing into thin air, she's about to realize that she has a much bigger problem on hoof.

Chapters (5)

After an argument with Rainbow Dash about the romance plot in the latest Daring Do issue, Twilight Sparkle constructs a machine that allows two ponies to enter a novel, in order to learn more about Rainbow's obsession with pairing Daring Do with her bookish sidekick Rosetta.

Soon, the two find themselves in a Daring Do adventure, with Rainbow taking the name part and Twilight playing Rosetta. As they deal with ancient jungle ruins, mythical artifacts and old adversaries, Twilight is starting to see the appeal of the pairing.

But after all, it is all just fiction, and what happens in a novel has little to do with the real world, right?

Written for the TwiDash Group's Abandoned Fic Challenge.

Rated Teen for some violence, some very tame makeouts, and a slightly inebriated pony.

Chapters (14)