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Pinkie Pie has lived a very passionate and successful life and is getting older, even if it pains Discord's heart to see his love fading before his eyes.

Pinkie/Discord one shot, not edited sorry, enjoy.

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[ 2nd person ] [ HiE ]
It's not easy being a human in Ponyville, but there's one pink pony who makes it all worthwhile.

A story of prejudice, suspicion, and gossip,
and a simple love that grows in spite of it all.

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Now with an audio reading by AJ the Autistic Pony and friends!

Chapters ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, and SEVEN available now!

Applejack and the Apple family are prepared for a visit from their best-kept secret—Applejack's autistic younger brother, Calvados. "Cal" comes home from a special school in Fillydelphia, and during his visit, the Mane 6 must try to make him feel welcome in spite of his differences. With the Apple family's usual work and an upcoming celebration making the whole town busy, this will soon prove to be a difficult test of friendship and teamwork.

But not nearly as difficult for anypony as for Applejack.

Above all else, the Apple family makes time for, and takes pride in, family. Applejack struggles to keep this in mind, reminding herself that her decisions were for his benefit. However, even a pony as morally strong as Applejack can't keep hiding her guilt, and she resolves to fight back the shame of having a brother with autism. Meanwhile, Cal struggles to adjust to his stay in Ponyville, but if he can avoid the panic and stress—something no autistic colt can take lightly—AJ's little brother may just surprise her. And himself.

Gorgeous cover art courtesy of the amazing _Vidz_!

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