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The dread Coronavirus has emerged in Equestria. Meanwhile, Corona Sheen’s life has been rather miserable of late.

Disclaimer: This story is a comedy. Ms. Sheen’s life is not yours. Don’t take it too seriously. However, the real Coronavirus is a serious matter. Please follow the instructions of your leaders and healthcare professionals. And when in doubt, statistics don’t lie.

Coverart by ChepFoorie

Chapters (1)

“On that day Pain and I became the BEST OF FRIENDS!”-Vulkan Primarch of the salamanders

Vulkan has been sent from his home in the imperium of man after diving into a WAAAGH! reactor. He awakens in a place that seems to be the exact opposite. This land of friendship and adventure, a place of magical talking ponies, and snoots to be booped.

This Vulkan is based on TTS Vulkan but comes from before the events of that wonder work of art.

AN:I said I would do it, I did it, kinda. Enjoy, and remember

Stomp stomp

"The real reason why Roboute Gulliman was the primarch brought back into play for 8th edition: Vulkan may be a terrifying gigantic monster of a man with glowing red eyes, who can literally keep pace with Dark Eldar vehicles on foot and beat their vehicles to pieces with crude iron hammers, while taking wound after wound after wound, literally refusing to die, or reconstituting himself from his component molecules when he gets close, but he's also the perfect example of the all loving hero.

If Vulkan were to be let loose on the modern Warhammer 40K universe, He would fix the imperium by literally bear hugging tthe grimdark out of it, until the only thing left was noble bright. Sanguinius would awaken once more. The eye of terror would spit out countless ponies chanting friendship is magic. The Necrons would decide life was all right and set out to nurture it. The orks would replace comedic sociopathy with comedic inability to cause any real harm. The squats would return. Black templars would finally remove that stick out of their asses. Slaanesh would start making anti rape PSA's. Kal Jerico would go back in canon, and make his living helping people get thteir lives back together. Gaunt's ghosts would find out a ridicolously wealthy rogue trader rebuilt and repopulated Tanith with as many residents offworld as he could find on a whim.

Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria." -Ambosen youtube comment

Chapters (5)

Proper Thestrals don't celebrate the Summer Sun Celebration. They never have; they never will, for thestrals never forget.

Deep in the heart of Mount Canter, the dirge of the Nightmother calls them, and they answer it every year. This year, however, is the year after Princess Luna returned. There is little reason to hold a funeral for the living, and yet they do so all the same.

They must always remember; they must never forget; Honor and tradition demands it.

Editors: Dreams of Ponies
Level Dasher

Submission for the Imposing Sovereigns II Contest
My prompt was Luna and The Old.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer wears a leather jacket, walks with confidence, and used to be the school bully. So it's only obvious that she could probably kick anybody's ass.

Tonight, she's having her friends over and they're going to find out just how true that statement really is.

Edited by: Autumn Bramble

Apparently someone made a Spanish translation of this fic, so that's pretty rad.

Chapters (1)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess who sacrificed herself to save all of Equestria from a terrible fate. Now it is time for those who were saved by her actions to repay that debt, and bring back the Sun. If they can.

Cover art by GroaningGreyAgony
Audiobook reading by the incredible Illya Leonov
Winner of second place in the Through Fire writeoff

Chapters (1)

It is recommended you read this story in one of the Dark formats in order to better distinguish the colored text of the 'other voices'.

Hey folks! Name's Deadpool!
I thought that was all of us?
It is. He's just introducing us as a single entity.
Will you two idiots be quiet? I'm trying to talk to the readers! Anyway, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for this story ever since it was announced, and here it is! And it's going to have everything you'd expect of such a story!
Adorable father-daughter bonding moments.
Total babes!
Awkward hilarity.
Not to mention me, Deadpool, the merc with-
Daddy, who are you talking to?
Oh hey Chryssi! Just telling the readers about-
Are you breaking the fourth wall again? I thought you were going to teach me how to do that today.
That's what I'm doing! Say hi to the readers, Chryssi!
You will all love me and despair as I feed upon your adoration to become an unstoppable god!
That's my girl! Hey, wanna read the story with me?
I brought popcorn and chimichangas.
*sniffle* You're the best thing to ever happen to me, Chryssi!

Hey look! We've got cover art now!
Aww, you were so cute at that age!
And I'm not cute now?
Now you're sexy!
We should thank Sanyo21 for the image.
Then I guess I'll throw up a link! Nnnghha! http://www.fimfiction.net/user/sanyo21
...did you really have to literally throw it?
Oh, and for those who don't know yet, this story is part of the PWNY-verse. It's not all about us - even if it should be - but you'll probably enjoy it to-Oh, stop making me a shill already!

Oh, by the way, it's recommended you read this story in Dark or Ultra Dark. Some of the colored text doesn't show up clearly otherwise. Not necessary, but just a suggestion.

Chapters (33)

King Sombra has returned, and he seeks to pick up where he left off and conquer the Crystal Empire once and for all! He's already managed to gain control of many of the guards there, and is marching right on into the palace, ready to overthrow Cadance and her family. He's even entered the chamber of her beloved daughter, Flurry Heart, and is confident that he cannot be stopped.

Unfortunately, he's failed to take into consideration just how much trouble an upset super-powered alicorn toddler can be.

Chapters (1)

You know how it goes. You're just having a relaxing Sunday with the girls, who all are accomplished magic users in their own right, one thing leads to another, and suddenly you're all involved in a high stakes game of rocket chicken.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Steel Resolve for his edits and suggestions and special thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil for her edits, sugestions. Also thanks to Nova Quill and DrakeyC for the story prompt!.

And finally, thanks to jhayarr23 for the wonderfully done and hilarious cover art.

Chapters (1)

Danny has recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Along with his medication, he is assigned a very special helper to get him back on his feet with plenty of affection and a listening ear.

A story written to relax and inspire confidence in both those with mental illness and those that simply need a listening ear and a smile on their faces. Love to all of you.

Chapters (1)

Summer break is upon The School Of Friendship and every pony has plans of how to spend the time away from academics (Sans Twilight)

Starlight has plans, too. However they are ones that only Trixie knows of and even The Great And Powerful illusionist isn't totally aware of what Starlight plans to do upon releasing Cozy Glow from Tartarus.


This is a fun story that explores a theory I came up with for how Cozy Glow came to be and why she is the way she is. Enjoy!

Chapters (21)
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