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The Sonic Rainboom didn't happen when Twilight needed it to, and thus she failed her entrance exam. Now, just minutes later, Trixie's test begins, and an unexpected explosion taps into her full potential.

I wrote this as more of a challenge to myself to go against Trixie stereotypes, and as such it will be quite short.

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S is a zombie. He has no memories, no real identity and no pulse, like the rest of his kind. You'd almost think that he is just a little fragment of a big mass of non-thinking killing-machines, but that's only half the story. He is a little bit more different than the rest of his fellow Dead. He wants to breathe again. He wants to live.
Important author's note: This Fic is inspired by the great book 'WARM BODIES'. The first two chapters are highly orientated on the first pages of the book, so please don't tell me that I steal over and over again. I have planned a bunch of own ideas and a new storyline for the rest of the Fic, so relax and calm down ^^

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Experience the battle between King Sombra and the princesses of the day and night; the very same that occurred over one thousand years ago!

Thanks for collaborating wiith me on this goes to SwiperTheFox, Rust, and KillJoy!

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The imagination of a child’s mind is as powerful as it is boundless. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders use Twilight’s hot air balloon box from storage, they use the one force that the librarian can’t quite grasp.

Author’s Note: If this sounds oddly familiar, then your Pinkie Senses are correct! This is inspired by the Spongebob episode “Idiot Box”.

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Everypony knows Scootaloo is one of the three Cutie Mark Crusaders and one of the best scooter riders in Ponyville, but what does she do in her past time? Well, let's just say it's not a very healthy pastime for a young filly...(Special thanks to Drunk Ragdoll for the awesome and custom cover art, and a special thanks to Inganno of the Frost for proofreading.)

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Something I just couldn't get off my mind until I wrote it down. Be warned: the ponies in these battles really go off on each other. Almost exactly like it is in "Epic Rap Battles of History", except with less cursing. There's plenty of verbal bashing, though.

Vinyl Scratch is the DJ for most of these battles, and will be doing the all-caps commentary (except for the ones she's in, of course). OC tag because of slight self-insert.

I've heard that this story is better when read with someone else. You know, with each person doing one half of the rap battle? :derpytongue2:

List of Rap Battles (as per request)
#1: Twilight Sparkle vs. Rainbow Dash
#2: Pinkie Pie vs. Rarity
#3: Spa Sisters vs. Flim Flam Brothers
#4: Octavia vs. Vinyl Scratch
#5: Angel vs. Gummy
#6: Derpy Hooves (Ditzy Doo?) vs. Lyra Heartstrings
#7: Princess Luna vs. Discord
#8: Scootaloo vs. Pipsqueak
#9: Fluttershy vs. Screwball
#10: Apple Bloom vs. Diamond Tiara
#11: Trixie vs. Featherweight
#12: Silver Spoon vs. Spike
#13: Sweetie Belle vs. Queen Chrysalis
#14: Applejack vs. Carrot Top
#15: Bon-Bon vs. Lyra Heartstrings
#16: Twilight Sparkle vs. Rainbow Dash (rematch!)
#17: Big Macintosh vs. Shining Armor
#18: Iron Will vs. Photo Finish
#19: Gilda vs. Prince Blueblood
#20: Nightmare Moon vs. the Doctor (Doctor Whooves)
#21: Princess Celestia vs. Princess Luna
#22: Snips and Snails vs. Twist and Ruby Pinch
#23: Braeburn vs. Soarin'
#24: Zecora vs. Cheerilee
#25: Winona vs. Opalescence
#26: Derpy Hooves vs. Pinkie Pie
#27: Spitfire vs. Daring Do
#28: Princess Cadence vs. Queen Chrysalis
#29: Babs Seed vs. Lightning Dust
#30: Sunset Shimmer vs. Trixie *
#31: tba

Picture by Silversnow here on this site.

...should there be a 'sex' tag, considering some of the stuff brought up in the rap battles? :applejackunsure:

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Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon was not gradual, oh no. In fact, the transition to having a heart full of contentment to one full of darkness took only a few minutes. It was just one, shocking fact that put her way over the edge.

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Now a live reading! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQczp8BtYGU

Based on the canon that lasers do not exist in Equestria.

After months of research, Twilight has perfected a pen-like device that places a dot of light at great distances. Shenanigans ensue.

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Luna shoves a cellphone up her plot, and the result is GREAT, CLASSIC LITERATURE!
Also a fart joke.
I'm very sorry.
Written in 30 minutes while singing (no, not listening to, but literally screaming it at the top of my lungs) Psychostick's "Dumb Song."
Image stolen from this sane individual.

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A journey to become great and powerful...

Trixie strives to reach this ultimate goal; but rather than simply proclaiming her skill, she will be forced to overcome many obstacles and adapt to her changing circumstances in order to ensure her success. She must face the new challenges set before her; but when adversaries emerge, enemies-turned-friends may be Trixie's only hope.

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