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"A world without friendship is a lonely world indeed."

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  • Thursday
    Almost ALMOST Done Beating Genetics

    A couple of weeks ago I said I was almost done. So now I'm almost almost done haha.

    100% done with shoulders + like 75% done with hips.

    Ugh, I don't want to jinx it but I'm getting excited that after 9 years I'm gonna finally KO my genes this year!!!!!

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  • 4 weeks
    Getting Close to Being 3x Stronger than Sombra

    In the spirit of insanity, I shall continue my "Sombra" series as long as I can lol.

    Last time I was easily 2x stronger than him: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/994920/i-am-now-over-2x-stronger-than-sombra

    Well, am I now 3x stronger than him?

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  • 5 weeks
    Almost Done Beating Genetics

    Ughhhhhh why can't I be 100% done, though :raritydespair:

    Alright, so despite basically every joint having issues at first, I can minimize the major starting issues to:
    - Right hip tear + instability
    - Left hip tear + instability
    - Left shoulder instability
    - Right shoulder instability

    The two bolded ones were the biggest issues. As of now, I have:

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  • 6 weeks
    Got Bored and Drew an Anime Twilight

    Haven't drawn for like a month, but I had some time and was bored. So here you go... anime Twilight based on the actual MLP manga.

    I was gonna draw a clothes on her (which is why there are basic lines for that), but decided not to. Hooray for laziness haha.

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  • 9 weeks
    Rare Political Post: Kanye's Campaign is the Most Insane Sh*t I've Ever Seen

    You have:

    - Kanye "every human being has something of value they've brought to the table, especially Hitler" West

    - Milo "ex-gay" Yiannopoulos on his left

    - Nick "(paraphrased) We need to burn women alive like the good ol' days for them bearing false witness, worshipping minerals and being 300lbs" Fuentes on his right

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YES!!! Awesome Genetics News! · 7:34am Oct 18th, 2022

Okay, how do I explain this haha?

Raise your arm up towards the sky/ceiling. Like, actually extend it as much as you can. Is it straight? If so, then congrats, it took me over 8 years to do that :rainbowlaugh:

My shoulder instability has been a wild ride. From my shoulders getting badly inflamed from holding a goddamn remote control in front of me. To my shoulder issues causing elbow issues that made holding a cup of coffee severely painful at points. And I'll never forget how simply resting my really bad (left) shoulder on my college desk would make it feel like it was coming out of its socket. And to make things worse, due to my issue being defined as "multidirectional, non-traumatic hypermobility", surgery wouldn't have helped according to the orthopedic surgeons.

Well, endless physical therapy and thoughtful lifting later, I can finally lifted in a full, normal range of motion. And when I fully extend my arms, they are actually straight. Just 6 months ago, when I'd do that, even without weight, I couldn't get them to extend all the way. My joints just wouldn't let me.

But now I can!!! And goddamn I am still weak :rainbowlaugh: Well, at least I've regained my full range of motion. Now to make it stronger!!!

And goddamn, since it's been a long time since I've written fiction, it seems so intimidating haha.

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Comments ( 6 )

Wow! That’s cool and interesting


Congrats, man! You're such an inspiration... that makes the rest of us losers look twice as bad :trollestia: Keep it up.

BTW. I meant to ask you... is this:

"A world without friendship is a lonely world indeed."

A quote from someone, or did you coin it up yourself :unsuresweetie:?


I made that quote up on the spot haha.



Ah, so that's why I couldn't find the author online :unsuresweetie: Thanks for clarification.


That's incredible! :pinkiegasp: 🎉

Have a somewhat demented-looking but overall cute kitten picture.



Haha thanks. Now I'm waiting on you to post an awesome blog on how you beat the odds :rainbowdetermined2:

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