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For god's sake Konami · 8:33pm Oct 14th, 2022

Do they even realize how shitty and broken their new cards are anymore?

1. The summoning conditions on this thing are ludicrous, Link Monsters are based all-around swarming and a Link 4 can be summoned no problem, and it has no other restrictions.
2. It nukes the field and Special Summons all the monsters back. Except if your opponent's monsters are ones that can't be Special Summoned due to summoning restrictions, etc, they aren't coming back. And even if they do come back, Xyz Monsters are losing their materials and other cards are losing their targets, equips, etc.
3. You can Special Summon the monsters back face-down, removing their effects from play for the rest of the turn.
4. According to the rules, YOU are the one who Special Summons those monsters back. So it's possible to use this card with cards that restrict your ability to Special Summon, and this card is just a free field nuke. For that matter, several such cards are WATER or Sea Serpent, since WATER Xyz and Sea Serpent Synchro are things now, so this card fits into those decks perfectly. Here's just one example.
5. And the icing on the cake, since you can decide the positions of the cards summoned back, it's easy to set up this card to be co-linked so you can have some free monster destruction.

Banned within a year.

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I feel like Ursula K. Le Guin's estate might have something to say about that name...

But yeah, this seems absolutely ludicrous. The only saving grace is that it has no protection, but that has little bearing on the absolute nonsense it brings to the table.

"1+ Effect Monster requirement"
So you can use a Link 4 or higher; or use 4 Effect monsters to easily summon it which would use up your resources.

"You can only control one "Worldsea Dragon Zealantis" on the field."
You can only have 1 only on the field so no swarming with "Worldsea Dragon Zealantis" as your only focus monsters.

"You can only use each of the following effects of “Worldsea Dragon Zealantis” once per turn:"
This prevents players from spamming effects if they try to re-summon them back or try to use a replacement.

" *During your main phase: Can banish all monster and then Special Summon as many monster that you banished back to their owners fields in either Face-up or Face-down Defense Position."
It banishes all monster including this card, also all monster returns to their owners, and any monsters that cannot be Special Summon are stuck being banished.
" *During the Battle Phase(Quick Effect): You can destroy as many cards that are Co-link to this card."
So in other words, you need other Link monsters to point at it's active arrows to Co-link. This would cause issues cause one arrow would be unusable no matter what Monster zone you choose so no full benefit, just three Co-links up to 3 target to destroy.
"Only has 2500 Original ATK."

... This card is basically a Anti-Steal Monster, an Anti-Special Summon restriction, and can at least destroy up to 3 cards.. With only 2500 ATK.. And prevents it from being used as a Effect Flood... I like this card already! ... Though why is it a problem?

It is absurdly overpowered, as explained. The only oversight I made is the summon conditions, but all the same, today's dedicated swarming decks have no trouble summoning multiple Link monsters in their first turn and can summon this easily.

Author Interviewer

this is the Konami code

i cant stand modern yugioh its just mass summoning a field full of bosses

and all decks basically play the same

The best way I've found to describe the current state of the game is Zarc in Arc-V. He played a deck that focused on shutting down the opponent's plays - they had limited options to search their decks, he could negate or counter any move they might make, his monsters had ridiculous protection and effects to deal heavy damage, he could bounce his monsters away any time he liked to save them, and in doing so sap the ATK of opposing monsters so they couldn't pose a thread.

In the show, the Lancers called Zarc a coward who can't handle an opponent who fights back because he's afraid of losing. In the real world, this is the exact playstyle Konami encourages. They want people to duel like Zarc - defeat opponents as quickly and ruthlessly as possible and shut down their plays as much as possible so they can't defend themselves.

and its just so boring i like when a duel is a back and forth where each side has a chance to win

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