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Some Reading suggestions and my general activity · 2:55pm Oct 14th, 2022

I've found myself reading on a website called Royal Road as of late as one story on there took my immediate attention for a very special reason. Now for some basic backstory I used to be a Displaced writer here, many of those projects long since deleted or old chapters on current stories just hidden, so low and behold when I found a story called Displaced. The story even had the same premise as the displaced fics on this site with a minor change in that the powers gained aren't explicitly said to be from anything and of course, original setting. Quite an interesting setting too I might add. I would highly recommend people go read Displaced.

Now to actually give a minor review of it I would be remiss to mention that it is a very messy story. The best way to describe it is as a collection of short stories that never fully link up, they're all relevant to each other in small important ways with a cameo here and there, but you won't be following one main story. There are at least 6 different main characters whose stories don't connect with each other at all for at least 100 chapters. Now this isn't to say that the stories never interact before that, sometimes 2 of the main characters will intersect and have that be the new main plot for a few chapters before switching off to something entirely unrelated to focus on what the other main characters are doing. The thing is a mess of ideas and sorting through them has brought me great joy, especially the rather morbid tragedy of the first MC.

Another web novel I could recommend would be Dungeon Tour Guide. Its a very chill story with some moments of action, but really the entire story is centered around the main character trying to be a teacher and creates dungeons to tour new adventurers through as a form of lesson plan. I really like stuff with that kind of vibe. If you enjoy casual lit-RPGs this is a story for you, helps that Displaced fics often falls here.

Now one last one I will recommend that is in a similar vein as the last story but far more comedic yet tragic at the same time. Sunflower is a story about a sunflower that has gained sentience, as well as the ability to level up. Due to its unusual nature a not-bird thing takes it on a journey for unknown reasons, but the sunflower does not care for its worldview is that of a sunflower. The story itself is rarely direct as the Sunflower does not understand what it sees, so it gives a nice level of dramatic irony to everything that happens as things start to dawn on you. This is used to either great comedic effect, or its horrifying.

I hope others can enjoy these random webnovels I found since the last blog where I shared a few they were rather...bad. On another note I have the habit of updating my status on this site about what games I'm playing, I'm not sure if anyone has ever noticed that. If I'm playing a game you recognize feel free to throw something my way if you wanna chat or just need some company. I know in recent times company has been hard to come by for me.

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