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I'd Like To Ask For Best Wishes · 9:52pm Oct 8th, 2022

Next week is probably going to be the most nerve-wracking and stressful week of my entire life.

On Wednesday, I will be going in for surgery on my lazy right eye. It's something that's been coming up on me since I saw an specialist during the Spring. In all honesty, it's been something that's been on the horizon for me for an entire year when my appointment with the specialist was scheduled last October (at least that's when I think it was). It's a really big for me seeing as how I've never had surgery before in my life. On the plus side, I won't need to stay in the hospital overnight and be able to come home the same day. Unfortunately, I'm still nervous about it, though my mother assures me I'll be alright. I'd like some kind words and encouragement to help me get through this.

On another topic, I'm close to completing a new story. To be honest, I was hoping to enter it in Nezmo's naughty contest, but after realizing the word length would be too long, I decided to work on it at a leisurely pace. However, being that it's setting is during the Summertime, I have to wonder if I should save it until Summer comes back next year. What would you all suggest?

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Wishing you the best on your surgery!

On your story, don’t forget that, for half the world, summer starts in December. Could always post it around then. :pinkiesmile:

You'll be fine! The doctor's know what they're doing. I'm sure you'll be right as rain afterwards. ^^

Good luck
and im exited to see a new story from you!




Thank you all.:twilightsmile: It's comforting to know there are those who are compassionate to my situation.

And as for my 'naughty' story, it may have to wait. I'm too worked up over Wednesday to focus on actually writing.

Best of luck and hope you get well soon:pinkiesmile:

Well, on the plus side, I'm allowed to go home the same day right after the surgery, and I've gotten the impression that the recovery won't take very long, less than a week I believe.

I was the same when I had surgery

I hope the surgery isn't too bad. I don't like going through surgery myself, so I understand if you are feeling apprehensive. In any case, I wish you all the best and hope nothing goes wrong. As for your story, I'm fine with it being released any time you think it's ready. As a writer myself, I'm treating my first novel as my own baby, so I prefer not to rush it. Anyway, good luck with your story and have a nice day.

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