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Thoughts on "It's Easy Being Breezies" · 3:37am September 27th

In this episode, we meet the breezies. They're smurf-like creatures who seem rather helpless as some get thrown off course from their migration by a leaf and are rescued by Fluttershy, where afterward, they take advantage of the pegasus' kindness. At the same time, Sea Breeze, the seemingly only competent breezy that understands that they can't live in Ponyville, seeing even a leaf or acorn could get them killed. Meanwhile, Fluttershy keeps falling for the breezies shenanigans as they keep making excuses for wanting to stay and hang out with her delaying their migration. This was a very interesting episode as we see Fluttershy again having to understand that she has to be abit firm to get the breezies home. Also, we get to see another species and how they require the ponies to survive, as without them helping guide the breeze, they could be caught at the mercy of the wind and killed by any number of predators, obstacles, or other insects.

I love this episode and very much enjoyed seeing Fluttershy displaying her understanding that she had to be abit more assertive to do what's right. Also, seeing Twilight transform herself and her friends into breezies and get to see where these creatures live was very cool. Also, seeing Sea Breeze have a wife and daughter explains why he was such a dick. As the rest of the breezies was risking him being separated from his family. It's great to see that he wasn't just being a jerk for no reason and that even he learns to do less yelling and use positive reinforcement when necessary.

I also wish these sorts of episodes could be longer because I love the world-building here and wish we could see more of the Breezeis and their society. I know it wouldn't be necessary but fleshing out other sapient species that live among the ponies made G4 special to me as it makes a much richer world full of things to explore. With this species only making a single appearance and really not that important. But they seem rather interesting to me as I want to understand their migration more, who they are, and their relationship with the ponies. How did they create this symbiotic relationship? And how long has it been going on? But overall, the episode was well paced, well written, and very satisfying to watch, and I wish we could have seen more of the Breezies.

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