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Which version would you get? · 11:11pm Sep 22nd, 2022

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I'm planning on getting Violet, but I'd absolutely get Sunset.

Up until recently, I wasn’t sure, but I’m currently planning on Scarlet simply because I vastly prefer the fire-type bipedal warrior that was revealed over the dark n’ moody one for Violet, though the latter set the Internet on fire more, of course. And Scarlet’s boxart legendary is more to my tastes and aesthetics too.

As for games with these names and boxart ponies, though, I’d pretty much call it a draw. Sunset is a better character, but comes from a series I don’t personally care for much without it’s association to FiM, and it’s impossible to think of her without the EqG association. Whereas Starlight comes from the better series but has… far wobblier writing, characterisation and growth across her far lengthier screentime. I’d probably still let the version exclusives influence my choice.

Sunset 100%

Sunset. No questions asked.

Author Interviewer

Can I choose both?:twilightblush:

I'd get Sunset first, but boy would I want to get both.

Id play sunset first, then starlight second

Sunset, the only right answer.

It would depend on the version exclusives but I’m obviously leaning Sunset

Sunset. I'd want to play both. But I'd definitely start with Sunset.

SMH, can't even make a joke about waiting for the definitive third version because they don't make those anymore.

Pokemon Dawn?

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