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Thoughts on "Dogs in Space" both season 1 and 2 · 4:14am September 19th

This is a series on Netflix that is quite underrated and is honestly really good. I didn't expect much out of it, but it's basiclly a rated G version of "Rick and Morty" with very good humor along with a well-written and well-paced story. The premise is basiclly a bunch of genetically enhanced sentient dogs are shot off into space on a giant spacecraft known as the "Embark" and are sent to find a new planet for humanity as we screwed up Earth. The show focuses on the "Pluto" crew, the ship's name, Captain Garbage, a Corgi who is sort of a spoof on the "captain kirk" stereotype. He's extremely unconventional in how he handles situations and somewhat egotistical. Then there's Stella, a Rough Collie who is basiclly the most competent member and most grounded character. I would call her the mom of the team. Then there's Nomi a Shih Tzu who is super hyper and is the pilot of the "Pluto" she is your "Pinkie Pie" sort of character who is there for mostly comic relief. There's Ed, the most questionable character on the crew, as he constantly steals and plots heists and mostly gets the crew in trouble with his schemes from time to time. Chonies is a chihuahua who is the "tech guy" he's pretty loveable and overly attached to Captain Garbage. Then there's the bulldog Loaf, the crew's surveillance officer. He's the most cowardly of the crew and is pretty terrible at his job, but he does have his moments from time to time.

Two other characters pop up throughout the show; there's Kira, a Husky who hates humanity as she is found abandoned on an alien planet. She feels like her human left her and didn't care about her. Then there's Happy a Poodle, who acts as the snobbish perfect rival for Captain Garbage and becomes an antagonist. Still, in the 2nd season, his character becomes more fleshed out. Then a new character in season 2 appears, a Labrador named Pepper, who becomes a strict strategic planner who tries to help the crew do better on missions.

Now for the plot, The first season delves into the mission as the dogs go from planet to planet in search of a new home for their humans. But each one has some Alien creature that usually destroys it, or the opportunity gets squandered by the crew's shenanigans. Then, in the end, Captain Garbage confronts a moral dilemma as Kira helps him believe that humanity isn't worth saving and they should find a new home for dogs. But she uses him in a scheme that would affect every dog on the Embark, causing him to face Kira, team up with Happy, and stop her. Ultimately, Kira is taken into custody for her crimes, and eventually, they have her transported back to Earth. Meanwhile, Captain Garbage loses his captaincy, and Stella is promoted to captain. There's also an entire episode where the team gets turned into puppies, and it's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen on a cartoon T.V series!

In season two, we delve more into Stella fitting into her new role as captain; meanwhile, Garbage is barred from joining any crew and is forced to work at a tea shop. This is also when we get introduced to the new character, Pepper, who is an excellent addition to the team. The show, as her overly strategic mind, doesn't mesh well with the crew's chaotic nature. Which is a good thing as it seems to always bring out more fun with her trying to plan around the crew's chaos. We also get to delve abit into the characters individually like Ed and his actions having significant consequences, Loaf finally overcoming his insecurities, Stella becoming much more appreciative of Garbage and even Happy as we go into the backstory of why he hates Garbage. This season is a huge improvement over the first as it does more than just have the crew screw up a job and then go on the next in each episode. Also, the ending is quite climactic. It involves a bunch of pissed-off plant creatures wanting to destroy all humans as they know what they did to Earth (with Captain Garbage and Kira causing this issue in an episode in season one). This was a great season and has me hooked to the show more so than season one did.

Overall this show is made for kids and isn't "super mature" it's actually quite good in how it tackles ideas like purpose in how we have to find out why we want to obtain something and how far we would be willing to achieve those goals. Then you must think about why you desire to go after said goals. Is the goal you wish to obtain? Or is it something someone told you to do? Or is it something you want to do? These are questions people should think about as you should be trying to do something to please others, or because you are obligated to. You should also consider your own self intrests from time to time and not just put what you want by the way side. In the end, I honestly believe this show deserves more love, and I hope that with season 2, it gets more viewers. I hope we get a season 3!

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