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Thoughts on Twilight Time · 3:03am September 12th

Ok, so personally, for me, this has to be one of the funniest episodes in the series. The premise is simple basiclly; Twilight takes time out of her day to teach the Cutie Mark Crusaders different skills. But then Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon manipulate them to get them to just hang out with Twilight. Not long after that, dozens of their classmates want to join in, and eventually, this leads to ponies doing all sorts of favors for the CMC. This episode reminds me of a Rated G version of South Park and how the boys will get involved with something that spirals completely out of control. The episode moved so seamlessly with the CMC trying to maintain their clout with their other classmates through their relationship with Princess Twilight while at the same time not exposing that fact to her. Overall this was a very well-written and well-executed episode. This was one of the few that made me laugh. Pipsqueak is just too pure XD.

Random Thoughts

Pipsqueak: I want to learn how to become a cutie-mark crusader!

Twilight: why do you want to learn to be a cutie-mark crusader so badly?

Pipsqueak: so that I can get all my classmates to give me favors and stuff because I'm friends with a famous princess. :pinkiesad2: :rainbowlaugh: :facehoof:

Too bad Spike made all those nachos for no reason!? XD

Diamond Tiara's butler Randolph is quite spry for such an old pony.

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