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Thoughts on Filli Vanilli · 6:02pm September 11th

This is an entertaining episode with how they present Fluttershy. I have to admit that before this episode, the character always had to be pushed to do something she wasn't comfortable doing, flying, or such as dealing with her fears with a dragon, having to learn to be more assertive without going over the top, having to use her stare to help her friends. But this was the first time she did not want to do something, but she enjoyed it afterward. Seeing Fluttershy being a part of a quartet was something I enjoyed; it was so cute seeing her come into her own. I thought it was great that she eased herself into singing with Big Mac, lip-syncing to her deep voice by using poison joke. Also, despite not enjoying the spotlight and eventually being exposed, she ultimately became more assertive in enjoying singing. This was an enjoyable episode, and I rather much enjoyed it!

Other random thoughts

I loved that they brought up the episode "Bridle Gossip," where we introduced Zecora and the poison joke and brought back Flutter Guy. Also goes to show how smart Zecora is and how she not only helped cure Big Mac's throat issue but gave the idea of having Fluttershy use poison joke to make her voice super deep.

The part where Applejack confronts Big Mac about everything after it's exposed, he was lip-syncing to Fluttershy singing, made me chuckle.

The song they used throughout the episode is very catchy, and I enjoyed it.

Rarity became an excellent support character, having not only to try to get Fluttershy to back out of them singing for other ponies. But then encouraging her when Fluttershy was more comfortable with it. Rarity even covered for her when her other friends found her backstage after the first performance. Honestly, she scores a few points for being thoughtful and a great friend to Fluttershy.

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