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Important Update! · 1:55pm Sep 10th, 2022

Hi Solar Force here

First of all, apologies for my absence. I've been going through some personal things which has lead me to some big decisions about the future of this channel.

From now on, I'm a solo author. I will not be working with Madforce any more. I've said this before, but this time I think it's permanent. Things weren't working out between us for a long time anyway. On the positive side, this means I'll have all the time I want to work on my own stories, so you can look forward to more sooner updates from me from now on, so keep an eye out.

On that note, I need to let you know what's going to be happening with my stories.

First, I'm going to be cancelling 3 of my stories.

SAO: Friendship Online

Beyblade: Constellation Of Friendship

Equestria Girls: Galar Adventure.

I'm cancelling the first 2 simply because I've lost any muse I had for those stories after leaving them for so long. As for the last one, I worked together with Madforce on that one, and I don't think I should continue it without him. So if any of you out there were waiting for those stories, I apologise.

The good news is, all the other stories I am working on will continue, so you can keep an eye out for updates on those.

Moving on, I'm happy to announce that a brand new story is in the works, so keep an eye for that. I'll keep the details of it a surprise, but I think you'll enjoy it.

And finally, I'm going to announce the choices for you to vote on the next lucky mare in the next chapter of The Incredibly Lucky Solar Force.

The choices are,




Trixie Lulamoon

My first Non Canon Mare and first MILF, Cream Heart, aka, Button's Mom

You have until Monday to make your choice. Please write your vote for the mare of your choice in the comments of this blog. The highest number of votes wins.

And one last thing. For a while I've been thinking of branching out into non MLP fics. I've set up accounts on Fanfiction.net and Archiveofourown.org where I'll likely be posting those stories. I'll inform you more about that at a later date.

Well that's everything.

Keep an eye out for updates, and I'll see you later.

And one last time, let me say, Rest In Peace And God Rest My Gracious Queen.

God Save The King!

Bye for now.

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Comments ( 14 )

If it's possible to make 2 choices: Trixie and Cream Heart

Sorry you can only choose one.

In that case, Trixie.

Cream Heart

I vote Cream Heart

Cream Heart

I'd love to see Trixie. She's absolutely cute

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