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  • 349 weeks
    What I do in the dead of night: Take 2

    MLP:FIM Season 4 Countdown

    Now I play the waiting game once more! And I can not begin to explain the anticipation I feel inside of me!!!

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    BronyCon, here we come!

    Hello everyone! The time has finally arrived, BronyCon! Three full days (nearly three full days I should say) of epic ponyness, merchandice, etc! And me and my older brother, Lonely Shadow, are going. We both missed out on last years BronyCon but this will make up for it, not that we could attend the convention last year. But anyway, while

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    Hello Everypony!

    Today is my 21st birthday, first off allow me to apologize for the lack to zero activity on any of my stories for the pass few months. Things have been going rather slow for me and my current fanfiction project were on hold for the time being. I didn't feel motivated to continue my work for a while so I took a unannounce hiatus for a while, sorry for not posting anything about that. But

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  • 379 weeks
    Esbin is now canon

    So um, yeah this just happened.

    Go to 3:09
    I mean the colors are a bit different from how I described him but he's generally the same to my OC, plus he doesn't have a cutie mark. Imagine that!

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  • 380 weeks

    I was just streaming around the internet and out of the blue....

    Let me just say, thank you TheLivingLibrary. Thank you very much for you and your crew for doing an audio reading of one of my side stoires.

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A New Episode......Early?! · 3:15pm Dec 13th, 2012

Okay, so I was looking around the internet and all that other junk when I was looking up the new episode of MLP:FIM, "Wonderbolt Academy" and some one was able to post up the episode instead of having to wait until the 15th! I'm serious, go look it up! On second thought, I'll post it up!


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Comments ( 4 )

Wow. Thanks for putting it here. I wouldn't have thought to check YouTube yet. :moustache:

I just stumbled across it to see if anyone had a preview clip of the episode out.:eeyup:

Wait it came out yesterday?!:raritydespair: Damn it.

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