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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky

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I Want You! · 7:23pm Sep 1st, 2022

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

For those who don't know, I currently have 99 stories that I have posted. This alone is quite a milestone where the years of experimentation, testing other genres, and picking up both requests and co-authoring stories have come. More so is knowing how accepting and even surprising this audience really is, willing to accept stuff that I normally wouldn't think you would.

But before I could get to the point of me writing this blog, I wanna say that currently, I'm a little too busy to write about my one-hundredth story. There are still a few fics on this site that I am currently still working on, plus the real-life stuff such as juggling college classes in art. While I can't really focus on adding another story to work on... What I can do, is plan it out.

This is why I'm writing this blog - not because I'm out of ideas, but rather... I confess... I'm unsure what to write about first. On my end, there are a few ideas that I want to tackle in the future, but on the other hand, there might be other ideas that you, the reader might have that I probably didn't consider doing. So what I want to do is to openly discuss what that possible one-hundred story could be. Now, I may have a few ideas and I will list them below. But I want to also know what your ideas could be that I could work with. This could range from a new possible sequel to a story I've written in the past. Or explore a possible "What if." Or maybe what you think could be a good idea for me to tackle. Now, would that mean that I would be absolutely committed to it... probably not. But I want to get the discussion going among my readers on the possibilities for such a milestone.

So let's hear it! What ideas do you think I should tackle as a story? The ones I'll be listing or something different? I'd like to hear from you. And don't worry, there's no due date as currently, I don't have anything written in stone yet.

Your fellow writer,

- CrackedInkWell

Idea 1: A Long Way From Tiperary.

A Human in Equestria story. The Crystal Empire is given a rude awakening as they find a military camp and hospital on their doorstep. These are part of a British (also German?) battalion, still fresh off the battle during WWI. As such, things are thrown into chaos as the army doesn’t know what’s going on, the military hospital is low on everything, and the ponies are horrified at the condition that the army is in. Once the chaos is settled down, the question remaining is what the army should do next. Obviously, the soldiers will exchange details about where they’re from their music to poetry, their history, and traditions. Yet, the more revealed about the countries the empire had colonized within their own battalion, the more growing worry among the ponies if these soldiers will remain as guests, or possibly as potential conquerors.

Idea 2: Inverno - The Music Catcher

In an Alternative Universe, taking place in G5, there is a legend of how in the ruins of Canterlot, if one were to go to a certain place at night, they would hear ghostly music being played despite having no one around. Taking an interest to see the truth behind the legend, Sunny and her friends venture to the ruins of Canterlot. Where, underneath what was once the Opera house, they not only hear the music but find where its source. It turns out there is a forgotten resident in Canterlot – one who had spent his life recomposing every classical piece from memory before it's forgotten. This pony is a very old Inverno, who at his age is going blind, struggles to recall the music he’s trying to preserve, and still has the voice of an angel. It would give a story of not only his life growing up but what happened to Equestria and why he tasks himself with restoring the classics.

Idea 3: Discordant Harmonic

This is a possible what-if story. Involving Harmonic Trotivari, it asks the question: What if Harmonic was meant to be a villain of his own story? If so, would he get a redemption arch? How would the events that had taken place in past stories be changed because of this fact?

Idea 4: The Forest

A possible Halloween story where it is an attempt at daylight horror. It involves a cult that has a commune in the middle of a forest. The cult can be described as friendly, up-front, even compassionate folks that worship the bounties of nature. A religion that is ever-changing, ever-growing. However, even with the sunny and colorful appearance, there are dark undertones where they partake in sacrifices of either their own members or outsiders to be “planted” in the forest. Essentially, burying people alive for the purpose to grow a tree on top of them.

Idea 5: The Last Storyteller

An anthology story that is tied together with a single plot point: a pony records the oral traditions of an old storyteller before they are lost for good.

Idea 6: The Tomb of Twilight Sparkle

Princess Twilight, sensing that the collapse of Equestria is getting near, and fearing it will bring about a dark age, summons scholars, storytellers, musicians, architects, engineers, etc… to create a time capsule to store important knowledge, culture, and whatever advancements so that the next civilization would have something to build on.

Idea 7: Discord's Bullshit!

Another possible sequel to the “Discord Teaches Philosophy" series, Discord's main focus would be on logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and/or overturning common misconceptions, bad ideas, and beliefs that are harmful. Think of a cross between Adam Ruins Everything with Penn and Teller’s Bullshit while explaining of where the faulty logic comes from.

Idea 8: Camp Moonlight

A horror story involving a summer camp where once every thirteen years, the staff that runs the camp organized an “accident” with one of the troops that camp

Comments ( 14 )
Dan #1 · Sep 1st, 2022 · · ·

A lot of good ideas there. I couldn't possibly choose over the artist's own feelings.

I hope you will continue Inverno’s opus in A minor.

Ooh, I like Idea 6 a lot! But it's gonna be up to you in the end

I like the cult one in the Everfree Forest

Comment posted by Auta5tic deleted Sep 1st, 2022

you could go back to writing the stories that are on Hiatus

True, and I've never forgotten about them. I've been planning long that once I finish some of those stories, I could resist them again to see to the end, hopefully. However, I'm putting this out because this one hundred story is a milestone for both me and the hundreds of readers out there. A chance for everyone to get in their say in where this may go.

I have to vote for Inverno.

how about the Forrest Gump adaptation we talked about?

I haven't forgotten, and, at this point, a possibility.

and again i would help you edit it

All eight ideas are tempting! :pinkiehappy:
So...how about write them all in numerical order?

Idea 6: The Tomb of Twilight Sparkle

Idea 7. Very much Idea 7. Logical Fallacies are a topic I enjoy (and feel others would benefit from) immensely, and the Philosophy story was quite the treat.

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